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Published on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Home Again Ministries is one of our biggest partners in Africa, and in the first Quarter of 2017, there have been some wonderful stories to share about the hard work of Gospel ministry. 

Fish Farm Initiative 

The first story coming out of Home Again in the first quarter of 2017 is about our fish farm initiative. Last year a group of Man Up donors put together a significant amount of capital to start a fish farming enterprise as an entrepreneurial piece of Home Again Ministries. Fish farming is very popular on Lake Victoria and is encouraged by the Ugandan government. We did our research, hired experts, bought into an industry trade group, and launched into this initiative with the hopes of yielding a return for Bethel Junior School to help make it more sustainable. 

The good news is that after 1 year, we did see a return on our investment of about $3500! While we still are operating in the red, we have plans to reinvest much of that money and will end up needing about half the capital we did the first time around (the rest will go to fund the salaries and operating expenses of Bethel Junior School). We learned valuable lessons from our first go-round, and will not have to pay the $3000 or so to have cages made and purchase fish nets. 

We're looking for about $5000 to invest in the second year of our fish farm. Please contact us if this is something God lays on your heart to help us. 

Below are some of the pictures from the harvest earlier this year: 


Harvesting the fish. 

The fish on ice. 


Here fishy fishy fishy! 

Virtuous Women's Program

The first centers on the Virtuous Women's Program that Pastor Andrew's wife, Juliet, has implemented in Masese III. Man Up and Go has been visiting these women for 6 years now, and we have seen such an amazing change in their demeanors since our first visit in 2011. The hope of Jesus coupled with drastic changes in their environment (children going to Bethel Junior School and learning vocational trades, for instance) has created a buzz among the community and women are starting to believe in the inherent worth that God has assigned each of them. What a difference a little Jesus will make! 

Below are some pics from the Virtuous Women's Program: 

Virtuous Women program

The women showing off their new digs after learning about personal hygiene and sanitation.

virtuous women program

Juliet conducting the Virtuous Women's class and emphasizing the fruits of a woman's fervent, effective prayer. 

Virtuous Women program

More happy women. "Keeping bodies clean and pleasant," says Juliet. 

Virtuous Women program

Gloryland church gave food to the elderly and single mothers of Masese who had been participating in the Virtuous Women's Program.

Whether it's teaching the single mothers or funding the school with business enterprise, we're excited to use all the tools available to us to help decrease the amount of fatherless children in Uganda. By educating these kiddos with a Christian worldview and teaching the women how to be virtuous women, we believe we are instilling character traits that can change a generation. 

Praise God for His provision for these dear saints 7000 miles away! 

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