Update from the Field

Published on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For the past 10 days, our team in Uganda (link to pics) has been putting in long, hard days in order to share the love of Jesus with the people of Uganda. Some of the highlights from our team leaders on the ground include the following:

  • The men have spoken at three different Man Up Men's Conferences so far on what it means to be a Complete Man in Christ.
  • Approximately 510 men have attended the conferences so far.
  • More importantly, our Pastor partners have been very encouraged by the content we have provided. They want more of the same and have asked us to come back and conduct some training just for pastors! 
  • The ladies have done our first ever Woman Up Women's Conference in two locations; over 120 ladies have attended. 
  • Over 400 children fed at the Super Saturday Feeding Program. 
  • We visited and interviewed 20 different ladies in the slums of Masese whose lives have been positively impacted by the Super Saturday Feeding Program in their community. 
  • Lots of loving on kids going on! We've seen familiar and new faces both. 
  • One child at Ebenezer's, Gabriel, was near death last year from malnutrition. Gabriel now is upright and healthy from a year of good nutrition and lots of love from the staff at Ebenezer's (see below for pic)! 
  • Teaching and preaching at the Gloryland Church in Masese. 
  • Our first ever Man Up Soccer Tournament which (unfortunately, because we don't like "ties") ended in a tie because the teams ran out of daylight! 
  • Lots of crying - the good kind - over testimonies from the Ugandans and the Americans in Uganda. 
  • One of our guides for the last five years, a former Muslim, accepted Christ for the forgiveness of his sins! Truly remarkable. Please pray that discipleship would occur. 
  • One of the workers at the Country Inn Hotel also accepted Christ and our team was able to pray over her! 
  • Horseback riding and ATVing on the team's "rest" day. 

Today they are traveling back to Kampala for their final stop at Return Ministries, where they are prepared for over 400 children and over 500 youths at the men's conference. They'll also participate in the culmination of a 30-team Man Up Soccer tournament put on by our host there. What an opportunity to share the love of Jesus! 

The team is mindful this year to capture tons of video, so we're excited to bring that to you at a later date. It's hard to keep the wet stuff from flowing when you see and hear what God is doing in individual lives. These aren't some nebulous images from a faraway land - they are real people, with real stories, with real souls, and we have come to love them dearly. 

While you're on the website, check out the 100 or so pics we have of this year's team over on the Photo Gallery page. Thank you for your continued prayers. The team leaves Thursday night at 8:40 Ugandan time (1:40 EST) and is slated back in the U.S. around 1 pm Friday. 

Baby Gabriel

(Image of Baby Gabriel)

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