Our African Brothers on the Impact of Man Up

Published on Saturday, January 17, 2015


Over the past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with the most amazing partners in Africa.  These pastors and their wives work tirelessly to be “Jesus with skin on,” ministering in whatever ways they can to their communities.




In many African cultures, the church is the center of life and activity. Sunday worship is more than just a once-a-week gathering; it’s something the Pastor and his family live out each day of the week and inspire others to do the same.

Because of this mindset and the importance of his position in the community, many pastors end up building orphanages, schools, community centers, and even health clinics, as they look to fill needs wherever they may arise.  Consequently, they have a good feel for what goes on in their villages, and can pinpoint the needs with great accuracy.  They care for both the Christians and non-Christians alike, and we feel privileged to play just a very small part in their ministries, but a part nonetheless.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen to three of our pastor partners in Uganda in this short video below, and take note of the impact Man Up is having alongside them in ministry.  As Pastor Samuel notes, the children sometimes become “the grass the two elephants fight for” when families are broken and crushed because of war, disease, or just plain abdication of responsibility by the parents (usually the father).  If we can even make just the smallest of dents in the brokenness that arises from crushed relationships, we will rejoice in the Lord  and thank Him for the part we can play.


We thank God for these men, their wives, the people to whom they minister, and the opportunity to work with them so closely.

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