Stories from Uganda - Jennifer

Published on Monday, June 22, 2015


(Jennifer, in Masese, Uganda)

One of the other great stories to highlight from our first foray into Uganda this year is Jennifer’s.  Jennifer is a single mom who, like many women in Masese, faces the daily struggle to provide for her four children who are growing up without Dad in the picture.  In reality, her situation reminds us of the single mothers in America who are “Manning Up” to their responsibilities to be the financial and spiritual providers of the home. The difference, however, is opportunity.  Women like Jennifer simply do not have a fraction of the resources that we have in America.

Fortunately, through the ministry of Man Up and Go, God is making a difference in her life and in her community:

We spent time with Jennifer who also lives in Masese. She has two children at the Bethel Junior School and graduated from the women’s vocational training program as a tailor.  She has now more than doubled her income by working, which has reduced her food expenses.  This, combined with her children getting their first education, is literally changing their family tree. Her last hurdle is a goiter that she has on her neck that makes it difficult for her to breathe at times.  Another member of our team has committed to helping her with medical costs to help her.

We pray you’ll join us in praying for Jennifer and others just like her as the Lord brings them to memory.


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