Mission Trips for Organizations

Are you a church, school, or nonprofit looking to provide your organization with meaningful mission trips and opportunities that will make a lasting impact?

Perhaps you're facing one of the following issues:  

  • I work at or attend a church who hasn't shown an interest in mission trips but they should.
  • My church cares about serving in missions but simply doesn't have the capacity to facilitate mission trips currently.
  • I work at a private Christian school and want to offer trips to our faculty and students.
  • We conduct mission trips but our process is sloppy and inefficient.
  • I am worried about liability for our organization when we travel overseas.
  • We are passionate about orphan care and/or reaching men and want to get involved in international Christian mission trips.
  • We desire a distinctly Gospel-centered, abundant-life kind of experience for our church, school, or organization.
At Man Up and Go, our primary focus is to provide high-energy, high-impact experiences and opportunities for men, women, students, and organizations to join in the fight against fatherlessness. Whether it's going on a mission trip internationally, sponsoring a child, building schools, investing in projects aimed at sustainability, funding someone's trip, or simply showing the Man Up and Go moviethere are multiple ways for your organization to partner with us in fighting fatherlessness.

Currently we serve regularly in Uganda, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. If you are interested in a pioneering mission trip, we have burgeoning relationships with pastors and partners in Haiti, Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, Senegal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Pakistan, Nepal, and India, among others.

We understand there are multiple mission organizations with whom you can partner. Since 2011, over 300 individuals or organizations have trusted us to provide a meaningful Christian mission trip experience aimed at reducing the number of fatherless children in the world. Your involvement can make a long-term difference in the lives of the fatherless while glorifying our Father in heaven simultaneously. Choose one of the icons below to learn more.