Our Mission

To shape a better future for orphans by making Jesus known, being a father to the fatherless, and equipping each man to take personal responsibility for his faith, family, and community. We want to see Less Orphans, More Families.

Our Vision: End Fatherlessness

Our ministry has a God-sized vision for the next 5 years. The goal? To reach 20,000 families by 2020 with our Men's Leadership Track aimed at providing, through missionary work, the spiritual, emotional, and financial tools men need to lead their communities out of fatherlessness. Ultimately we believe children benefit in every measurable way by the presence of a loving, committed father in the home. While there are many reasons for fatherlessness – war, disease, poverty, lack of education, and lack of clean water – we believe fathers who care for the spiritual and physical well-being of their families can make the biggest impact in preventing future fatherlessness. When children and wives see fathers and husbands modeling the love of a Heavenly Father, it promotes reconciliation in relationships, community pride, familial security and stability, and spiritual growth. When we work in concert with each other, generational curses begin to dissipate, and the rate of fatherlessness in the world decreases.


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How We Accomplish the Mission

Every ministry has a Theory of Change on how to achieve their objectives. Discover our E6 Strategies by clicking on the icons below.