November 2015 Newsletter

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Will You Dance with Man Up and Go in 2016?

The above picture was taken from our July trip this past summer. As you can see, Man Upper Jacob is getting down with the kids in Masese during their Super Saturday feeding program. If you’re interested in going on a Man Up and Go trip in 2016, or know someone who is, November/December is a great time to start fundraising.  Even those who are unconcerned about the plight of the orphan are more inclined to give during the holiday season.

Our goal for the 2016 missions season is to send out 100 short-term missionaries, and we have 5 trips to various locations to meet that goal. We’re going to the Dominican Republic for the first time ever, and have been asked to come back to Nicaragua. Of course we’re going back to Africa as well, Lord willing. Will you prayerfully consider going on a trip, or maybe financially helping someone else go? James 1:27 can be lived out in a variety of ways.