Home Again Updates

Home Again Ministries is one of our biggest partners in Africa, and in the first Quarter of 2017, there have been some wonderful stories to share about the hard work of Gospel ministry.

Fish Farm Initiative 

The first story coming out of Home Again in the first quarter of 2017 is about our fish farm initiative. Last year a group of Man Up donors put together a significant amount of capital to start a fish farming enterprise as an entrepreneurial piece of Home Again Ministries. Fish farming is very popular on Lake Victoria and is encouraged by the Ugandan government. We did our research, hired experts, bought into an industry trade group, and launched into this initiative with the hopes of yielding a return for Bethel Junior School to help make it more sustainable.

The good news is that after 1 year, we did see a return on our investment of about $3500! While we still are operating in the red, we have plans to reinvest much of that money and will end up needing about half the capital we did the first time around (the rest will go to fund the salaries and operating expenses of Bethel Junior School). We learned valuable lessons from our first go-round, and will not have to pay the $3000 or so to have cages made and purchase fish nets.

We’re looking for about $5000 to invest in the second year of our fish farm. Please contact us if this is something God lays on your heart to help us.


Here fishy fishy fishy!

Virtuous Women’s Program

The first centers on the Virtuous Women’s Program that Pastor Andrew’s wife, Juliet, has implemented in Masese III. Man Up and Go has been visiting these women for 6 years now, and we have seen such an amazing change in their demeanors since our first visit in 2011. The hope of Jesus coupled with drastic changes in their environment (children going to Bethel Junior School and learning vocational trades, for instance) has created a buzz among the community and women are starting to believe in the inherent worth that God has assigned each of them. What a difference a little Jesus will make!

Gloryland church gave food to the elderly and single mothers of Masese who had been participating in the Virtuous Women’s Program.

Whether it’s teaching the single mothers or funding the school with business enterprise, we’re excited to use all the tools available to us to help decrease the amount of fatherless children in Uganda. By educating these kiddos with a Christian worldview and teaching the women how to be virtuous women, we believe we are instilling character traits that can change a generation.

Praise God for His provision for these dear saints 7000 miles away!

Korah Trash Dump Landslide

In the early hours of March 11, 2017, the trash dump at Korah in the capital of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, (which can been seen many times in the documentary film, Man Up and Go), gave way and created a landslide of tragic proportion. This trash dump is not just any dump. It’s huge, and thousands of people call this landfill home. As of Sunday afternoon here in the U.S., it’s been reported that many have died and hundreds are estimated to be buried alive in an avalanche of mud, trash, and ash. Only God can know the horrific experience these Ethiopians are facing currently.

It has been a couple of years since Man Up and Go has had a significant presence in Addis Ababa as we have been praying for the right church partners there. However, we have cultivated a relationship with Carry 117 who ministers in Korah, and our August team will be spending time ministering alongside them in Korah. There is no doubt the aftermath will alter our plans there as we look to partner with them in a long term effort.

Henok Berhanu, the founder and CEO of Carry 117, has spoken at length on their website about the Aftermath.

Everybody is crying, even the police. This is something you have never seen before. When the bulldozers are digging through the trash and go to pick it up, you see a body coming out. You can’t stand it or be there for more than a minute. The smell of the freshly moved trash, and the scene is hard to stomach this morning.

For now, however, Man Up will be sending aid in the form of clothing and food for those affected by this tragedy. You can donate HERE and all donations marked for the KORAH DISASTER RELIEF will be sent to Carry 117 to help them be the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground.

Thank you for standing with the people of Korah and for praying with us for them. At a time like this, we are reminded of the prayer of King Jehoshaphat when hearing of the news of his enemies on the march against Israel in 2 Chronicles 20:

Lord, God of our fathers, are you not God in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. In your hand are power and might, so that none is able to withstand you. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.

To stay up on the latest, we suggest following Carry 117 on Facebook.

Photos below credit of Sentaheyu D



So Far in 2017

The first two months of 2017 have been busy and exciting around Man Up and Go.

Below are some of the highlights we can share from January and February, 2017:

  • In January, we facilitated a trip of 19 high schoolers and 4 chaperones to Nicaragua in partnership with a Calvary Christian High School in Clearwater, FL; this included a big audible at the end of that trip as the team was due into the Ft Lauderdale airport on the day of the shooting that took place. Four separate flights and 48 hours later, we were able to get the team home safe and sound (thank you Jesus!).
  • One of our partners in Uganda, Pastor Sam, has needed a new ministry compound for all the years we’ve been working with him. A generous donor of Man Up has helped to make this dream a reality (see below pic). This ministry complex will benefit the community, the ministry, and teams which come along side Kerith Ministries with Sam and Mercy, his wife. We are still in need of a water well to help support the facility and residents in the area. The price tag on the well is $3100 if God has laid this on your heart.


  • Man Up has secured and sent money to expand the Bethel Junior School once more, this time adding new classroom space for the children graduating from Primary 5 to Primary 6.
  • In addition to sending money for the classroom, we were able to help supplement the staff salaries and operating expenses thru the generosity of your giving. While child sponsorships cover a portion of the costs, as of yet, they do not cover the entire cost of running the 15-employee, 120-student school. As a reminder, the school is a ministry of Home Again Ministries in Masese (Jinja, Uganda).
  • Speaking of Home Again, their Super Saturday program is still going strong. An average of 500 children from the community show up for 3 hours every Saturday to play, eat, and learn about God. Thru our relationship with Convoy of Hope, we have secured another container that will provide over 200,000 nutrient-rich meals for these children. Currently, we are in need of securing funds for the transport of this container – please contact us if you are interested in funding this initiative. (Below is a pic of the program in early February of this year.)
  • Man Up has increased our monthly sponsorships to 32 children in total from Kerith Children’s Home or Bethel Junior School thanks to generous givers and supporters of our ministry. There are more children to sponsor, so please view the profiles HERE of some of the kiddos at Kerith’s and follow the instructions to get your sponsorship set up.
  • A terrible storm ripped part of the roof off of the River of God church and school facilities in Pallisa (see pic below) but due to the graciousness of a donor, we were able to fix the roof in January so that the ministry to the children at the River of God school could continue uninterrupted.




  • We were also able to help with back pay to the nurse salaries of the Kerith Health Centre, which Man Up helped to construct and open in 2015. While we have visions of this being a totally self-sustaining clinic, changing a mindset from “you owe me” to “thank you for serving me and here is my fee” happens slowly. We’re thankful for Susan, Andrew, and Judith, and Edith who serve on the staff of the clinic.
  • We’ve also been cultivating our relationships in the Dominican Republic and have begun to financially support a pastor and orphanage in Santo Domingo. We can’t wait to share more about this project in the future; we’d also love to have you join us in May for our mission trip there to LOVE BIG on the kiddos, women, and men of the Dominican.
  • Home Again Ministries cares deeply about the women in the slum community of Masese, and Pastor Andrew’s wife, Juliet, continues to minister to them each week. She not only helps them with vocational skills, but teaches them on a variety of topics, from spiritual to financial to personal hygiene matters.
  • Man Up and Go’s major three strategies include Engaging the fatherless, Empowering single mothers and widows, and Equipping men to lead. In addition to that, we exist to Encourage our ministry partners as well, as they’re in the day-in-day-out business of restoring families through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities. Below is a picture of Pastor Sam and his wife Mercy after a counseling session with a couple in their church. The couple, headed for divorce, has decided to stick it out and work on their relationship instead of quitting. That is Manning Up and will ultimately mean less fatherless children in their community, which is the reason we exist.

  • In addition to our international efforts, we’re hard at work planning our first mission trip to Florida. We’ve dubbed this Operation Fighting Fatherlessness , slated to take place May 18-21. Come join us in Florida as we love big on the American orphans in our foster care system.

Of course all of our leaders are getting ready for our 2017 trips, and we are looking for like-minded folks who want to MAN UP for orphans and widows in their distress, and equip men to lead in the process. Please consider where God might have you join us this year. Check out our full slate of trips while you’re on our site.