Guardian ad Litem SuperHero 5k Race

One of the ways we’re putting a dent in fatherlessness domestically is by partnering with agencies who are providing beneficial services to reduce the number of kiddos without a father.

One of these such agencies is the folks who run Guardian ad Litem services around this country. What’s a Guardian ad Litem?  Guardian ad Litem are volunteers appointed by the Court to advocate and fight for the best interest of a child who has been abused, neglected, or abandoned. Most kiddos who need a Guardian ad Litem have been removed from their homes and placed with relatives or foster parents.

What do you do as a Guardian ad Litem? It depends on what’s happening with the child’s case as it moves through the court system, but in general you can expect to visit the child monthly, report what you see, and attend the hearings. Sometimes you’ll need to do other advocating, but realistically the aforementioned will take about 12 hours a month. It’s an awesome way to help a child in need without actually adopting or fostering them.

Man Up is committed to seeing the number of fatherless children in a given community decrease in the areas where it serves. Advocating for a child, speaking truth into the situation, and simply serving as a trusted adult can do wonders for that child’s well-being. With some many children walking in the negative footsteps of their parents, we believe this type of positive modeling can help break the cycle.

Recently Man Up Tampa Bay partnered with the Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay to put together a team in support for this noble work. We had a blast at the event and loved seeing all the kiddos (and adults!) dress up in their favorite SuperHero at the SuperHero 5K held in the greater Tampa Bay area on September 23. Regardless of where you live, supporting your local Guardian ad Litem programs can be a great way to fight for the fatherless.

If you’d like to find out more about how to start a Man Up chapter in your area, please Contact Us today as we would love to help you advocate for the fatherless in your area.

*New Video* – Ethiopia 2017 Trip Recap

Check out our latest video highlighting our time in Ethiopia August 10-22, 2017.

We’re thankful especially to our host, Carry 117, who is straight getting it done James 1:27 style in Korah, one of the most materially poor neighborhoods in the world. Appreciate Henok and his staff in Ethiopia (watch the video for some of our interview with Henok about the work God has given him to do among the people of Korah!).

Container Update

Many of you know that we have been dealing with a fairly serious problem in getting our container of food across the border from Kenya into Uganda. We have asked for prayer and many have responded, and we’re convinced that because your prayers, we will ultimately have a favorable outcome!

To bring you up to speed, we have shipped a container of food to Uganda to be split among our ministry partners there. This container of food will provide over 170,000 nutrient-rich meals to the children there, many of whom only have three meals for an entire week. This food, generously donated by the folks at Convoy of Hope, has enough nutrition in just one meal that it would suffice for one full week, if needed.

(Pic: Super Saturday program ensues in Masese, near Jinja, Uganda.)

There are pluses and minuses to exporting food to developing nations, and folks usually have a strong opinion one way or another. Man Up ultimately decided to re-up our commitment to this container (after shipping one in June of 2015) due to the tremendous impact it’s happening in the communities where we partner. We believe the credibility and voice it gives our ministry partners enables Jesus to come front and center, and that’s where change can really happen. At last count, between 750 – 1000 children are coming every single week!

One of the minuses we must deal with in this process is the corruption, which is especially prevalant in places like Africa. This time when the container reached the border, a hostile takeover essentially occurred, with the revenue authorities in Uganda (URA) demanding a “tax” on the container that varied from a couple thousand to almost $20,000. As we pushed the matter further up the authority chain, we simply alerted more government officials, which meant more hands looking for a bribe.

This is when we pleaded with you to pray. We still are!

(Pic: Team member Lyndsey guides a little girl to her seat during our 2015 trip.)

The good news is that at last correspondence (Sept 5, 2017), more officials had gotten involved and calmer heads prevailed. One of the issues was getting the URA to treat this container in a “non-profit” context. That is, our partners are not intending to sell the food to make a profit. It will all be given away to the children. Why would the URA “tax” us so heavily? We believe that your prayers are working to change their minds and reconsider the heavy tax they initially requested.

Even so, the driver for the transport company has threatened to unload the food and leave it on the border. Usually it does not take this long to enter the country, and he’s grown beyond impatient. The crazy circumstances have tested us all.

That is where we currently stand. We want to thank those who have already given to make this happen. Your support and belief in what we’re doing inspires us to continue forward!

*New Video* – Woman Up and Go July 2017 Recap

Check out our latest video highlighting our first ever Woman Up and Go missions trip! You can read the full write-up of our July 2017 trip HERE while you’re on our site. 

This trip was the first of its kind, and we’re excited as over 800 women showed up to learn how to be virtuous women despite the challenges of men abdicating their responsibilities as husbands and fathers. We hope you’re encouraged by this video as you check out all God is doing in Uganda thru the ministry of Man Up and Go.