2018 End of the Year News

Just like household families, the end of the year is always a little crazy. In addition to doing the normal routine of ministering and running programs, there are lots of events to note. Below is a sampling of what’s been going on:

Fall Football Fling Thing in Florida

We had nearly 120 folks come out to our event in the Tampa Bay area, and gave away thousands of dollars of merchandise to dozens of folks as they supported the cause of the fatherless through our ministry. In addition to the free food (taken care of by our sponsors, HERE), we had a blast watching our favorite college football teams in a fun and casual atmosphere. The weather was great for our Champions!

In addition to hanging out and watching the games, we set up stations to learn more about the fatherless. Every time they completed a station we gave them real African money (Ugandan shillings), which helped them “pay” for their meal.

Station 1 was our letter writing station, where Champions were able to write letters to kids without sponsors. Some folks decided to sponsor some kiddos, and for that we’re grateful. This coincided with our Engaging the Fatherless strategy that we employ to defeat fatherlessness.

Station 2 was a bead-making station were Champions rolled necklaces out of paper strips, just like the women in our vocational training programs. We had a few girls who were quite adept at making the beads! (Either that or they were hoarding shillings…not sure which.)

Station 3 was our Authentic Masculinity station, where Champions were able to listen in on the impact the program is having with men in Uganda.

Overall it was a great event, and we netted over $16,000 in commitments or donations that evening! If you need to fulfill your commitment for monthly giving in 2019, please do so HERE, and thank you for your support!

Inaugural Event in the Quad Cities

We have board members who live on the Iowa/Illinois border where four cities converge, affectively deemed as the “Quad Cities” by locals, and we had our first fundraising event there earlier this month.

It was a very casual event to introduce the ministry to a number of folks who had heard about it, but hadn’t had a chance to really see the work that Man Up is doing. We’re thankful for the opportunity and hope to continue the momentum there in 2019!

Christmas for Kids in Foster Care

In the Tampa area, Man Up is working with the local Child Welfare Agency to recruit and support foster parents. Earlier this month we helped organize a Christmas party at Strachan’s Ice Cream that included a tour of their facility, a behind the scenes look at how to make ice cream, and best of all, a sundae bar to sample the goods!

At this party included families who had gifts donated by West CMR, a Champion friend of Man Up Tampa Bay’s, who generously donated over $1500 worth of gifts to these children. Man Up then delivered the rest of the gifts for children who weren’t able to make the party.

Authentic Masculinity Phase II Winds Down

Finally, our flagship program, the Authentic Masculinity Program (AMP), saw Phase II in Uganda for our three Cohorts come to a close. We’re happy to report that over 95% of the men have been able to graduate on to Phase III, which is the loan distribution phase. The men have learned all about IGA’s – Income Generating Activities – and how God uses them to provide for our families and do good in our communities.

At Man Up and Go, we believe all men have the inherent drive and desire to provide for and protect our families. AMP is designed to fan the flame of this God-given internal gift, and use it for His glory by serving our families and communities. If you haven’t read about our 2019 AMP Plan, we encourage you to do so HERE.

And while you’re on our site, please check out the last video from Man Up’s CEO as he recaps 2018 and launches the ministry into 2019 below. We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and thank you in advance for praying for this ministry and partnering with us in 2019!