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2019 Fall Football Fling Thing Recap

This past November 16, Man Up and Go saw one 140 Champions of the ministry come out for our 3rd annual Fall Football Fing Thing. This annual fundraiser is one of only a couple we do throughout the year, and we’re grateful for everyone’s participation.

This year we had a specific goal to raise $10,000. This money will be used to hire a part-time program manager for our Man Up 100 initiative. Why do we need to hire help? Well, recently Man Up and Go was donated $100,000 to help fund our Man Up 100 initiative. While this is an amazing and unexpected blessing from God, it also comes with a huge responsibility. We want to make sure that we are stewarding this gift as well as we possibly can.

If this sound counter-intuitive, we invite you to read our blog post, STEWARDING DONATIONS WELL – THE CASE FOR COMPETENT STAFF.

In any case, we’re happy to report that we raised $15,100! Thank you so much for all of those who came out and supported us on the Big Board! Enjoy the pics from our event below, and thank you to our event and raffle sponsors!