Micro Loans Distributed – AMP Update in East Africa

Earlier this month our Director of Operations traveled to Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia. His trip was extremely impactful as we were able to move forward to new horizons for the Authentic Masculinity Program in Uganda, look towards incredible collaborative approaches with a Kenyan organization, and make valuable progress towards the launching of the Authentic Masculinity Program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


We are excited about the continued progression and growth of the Authentic Masculinity Program (AMP) in Uganda. AMP seeks to see men “protect and provide” for their families, and has a large emphasis on business development and microfinance. During this trip we were able to allocate “micro loans” to the 57 men across three separate cohorts in Uganda and walk with them through their business proposals. We distributed over $10,000 in loans, many of whom would never have access to this kind of capital if it were not for AMP.  We also conducted valuable face-time with our three Authentic Masculinity Coordinators, Geofrey, Roy, and Eliazar. We are so thankful for these three men, their leadership, and what they have done to grow these other 57 men towards understanding what it means to love, serve, work, and protect their families!


We also travelled to Nairobi, Kenya, to meet with Life in Abundance, a major Kenyan Christian community development organization. In September 2018, our Director of Operations traveled to Manilla in the Philippines for a conference and during that time connected with Dr. Florence Miundi, the CEO and Founder of Life in Abundance. She was interested in AMP and how both organizations could collaborate to see men impacted around the world. Through these four days of meetings, we were able to sit down with their organization and discuss the future plans for collaboration between both organizations. There are potential opportunities in several locations, but we’re most excited about those in Rwanda and Jamaica.


We are extremely excited about the future of AMP in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a soft spot in the hearts of many champions of MUG. For years, we have desired a long-term programmatic approach in Ethiopia but have struggled to find solid church partnerships in the complexities of this amazing country. Out of the Ashes, another U.S. NGO working in Addis Ababa and running Child Sponsorship Programs, have been in communication with MUG over the course of the past few months towards a collaborative approach in Ethiopia. Our team met with the Out of the Ashes team, as well as the individual who will serve as the coordinator in Ethiopia. Our current plan is to target young men graduating out of the Out of the Ashes Child Sponsorship Program and enroll them in AMP. We are looking to launch later this year with AMP in Ethiopia!

2018 provided so many new beginnings for Man Up and Go and we’re estactic to see how God continues to move in the hearts and minds of Jesus-followers everywhere as we seek to create a world where God is glorified, children are cared for, women are esteemed, and men are being biblical men.