Man Up Team Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro February 13-27

In a couple of days, 13 men from all over the U.S. will head to East Africa in a culmination of over a year’s worth of ¬†planning,¬†training, and fundraising. These men have dedicated themselves to fight for the fatherless all around the globe by committing to climb to the roof of Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro.

Most of these men have been championing the cause of the fatherless now for over 6 months; they’ve been raising funds and advocating for the children, women, and men who Man Up serves through our child sponsorship programs, vocational training programs for women, and our Authentic Masculinity Program for men. They’re excited and ready to climb Africa’s tallest mountain at just under 20,000 feet. The trek will be long and hard, especially the summit bid, when our team will depart around midnight and climb the grueling remaining uphill 5000 feet to the top in utter darkness, with only their headlamps to light the way. The climb will be slow – polepole in Swahili – which means “slowly, slowly.” It’s the only way the body can possibly deal with the altitude at that level above the sea.

While this opportunity is a bucket list one, it’s merely symbolic of why they’re climbing. They’re climbing for children everywhere whose fathers have abdicated their posts, and they’re climbing for men everywhere who are considering a similar move. They’re climbing to fight for the fatherless now, and they’re climbing to prevent fatherlessness in the future.

These men – from California to Florida and from the Midwest to the North – realize the tremendous privilege we have as believers in Christ to spread the love of Christ through the James 1:27 mandate. More than just conquering the climb, however, is the opportunity they’ll have to visit our partners in Uganda. After they summit, they’ll fly to Uganda and visit the schools and children’s homes Man Up supports through our Child Sponsorship Program. They’ll also have time with the 57 men going through our Authentic Masculinity Program, and who just received their first microloan to bolster or start a business. They’re jacked to be a part of what God is already doing in the world, and know they’ll be blessed because of it.

Please download the trip itinerary and be praying for our team on the journey. We know God will do great and mighty things through these vessels because that’s just the kind of God He is.