Bethel Junior School 2019 Snapshot

Of all the ministries Man Up supports in East Africa, Bethel Junior School commands the most attention. Not only was this school originally founded and funded by Man Up, but it continues to be our flagship children’s ministry even today.

Download Our Bethel Junior School 2019 Snapshot PDF

What started with just a dream by Pastor Andrew to reach the Karamajong tribe living in Masese III has turned into a top-notch primary school now employing 16 staff for the 341 children attending school there each day. Not only do the children receive a Christian education – instilling both hope and much needed values among a group of people who have had little respect for themselves, much less others – but each child receives two meals every day. This is one reason we’ve seen the enrollment burgeon the way it has – food.

If you’re doing the math, it looks like this:

  • 341 children x 2 meals per day = 682 meals each day
  • 682 meals x 5 days per week = 3410 meals each week
  • 3410 meals x 40 school weeks = 136,400 meals each year

Wow! Imagine if Bethel Junior School wasn’t in Masese III? For those who’ve been going for many years, we see the impact of the Christian values on the children. Kids are now helping one another, they’re using kinder words/tone, and maybe most dramatically, they’re not hanging on the Mzungus as much as they did 8 years ago.

All of this costs money, of course, and we’re so grateful for those who choose to sponsor children at the Bethel Junior School. Your sponsorship means the world to the children, and allows them to get what we in American consider basic rights – food and education.

Download Our Bethel Junior School 2019 Snapshot PDF

We continue to need your help in providing for these children. Will you consider sponsoring a child at $45/mo? You will receive a beautiful profile card in the mail to hang on your wall or fridge, updates throughout the year, and an opportunity to write letters and send gifts to your child.

Or maybe you have a heart for Christian education among the world’s poor, and you want to support the school as a general supporter. We encourage you to do that as well.

Thanks in advance for making food and education a reality for the children of Bethel Junior School.

Man Up Partners with Wheaton College Football Team

One of the staples of the Man Up ministry over the years has been the mission trips we take. We’re convinced our trips are like no other – high energy, lots of guys who love Jesus, highly relational (versus task-driven) – and for the last two years, we’ve upped the ante by partnering with the Wheaton College (IL) football team.

Wheaton College is historically recognized as one of the best Christian colleges in America. Often dubbed the “Christian Harvard,” Wheaton has a long history of producing difference-makers for Jesus, including folks like Billy Graham, John Piper, Josh McDowell, William Lane Craig, John Ortberg, AW Tozer, Jim Elliott, Philip Yancey, among others.

The football is also pretty good, as this NCAA Division III school consistently puts out highly ranked teams despite having such strict academic standards.

In 2000, Wheaton Football launched Wheaton Football Ministry Partners (WFMP), which sought to send Wheaton footballers on Spring Break mission trips instead of the typical debauchery you see with many college students. The program has grown since then, and now sees as many as 90-100 team members spend Spring Break serving with former Wheaton College football players.


Last year Man Up hosted their first WFMP team, and it went so well they sent another team to Uganda last month. As per usual, the team spent much of its time building relationships and furthering the Man Up essence with the children, men, and women we serve year-round. These men – highly mature compared to their peers – had an incredible week of serving and connecting with our partners.

Highlights include:

  • Re-fencing the Bethel Junior School
  • Building relationships with the children at Bethel Junior, Kerith Children’s Home, and Ebenezer School
  • Harvesting sweet potatoes at our tree farm
  • Visiting Man Up’s Authentic Masculinity Program Cohorts and seeing the men work their businesses
  • Playing in an historic soccer match in Bulangira (the mayor came and the game was broadcasted on local radio – despite not being soccer players, they played to a 1-1 tie)
  • Building a concrete stage and painting the inside of Ebenezer Christian Church
  • Hosting the 3rd annual Man Up Soccer Tournament in Pallisa
  • Daily testimonies and confession of sin during nightly debriefs

It was a strong win for Wheaton Football and a strong win for Man Up and our partners. 4 of the men chose to sponsor children in our sponsorship program as well – unbelievable! We’re so proud to partner with WFMP and believe this trip serves to bolster Man Up’s presence in the region.


Check out this short highlight film of the teams’ trip: