#PRAY127 02.24.20

Thank you for taking a few minutes today to pray for the Man Up and Go ministry. Today’s #PRAY127 request is for our Board Chairman, Mark Acre (pictured in the featured image at the top of Kilimanjaro!).

Mark has been going to Africa since 2013, which was our 3rd year in the ministry; suffice it to say, he was hooked! The camaraderie of the team, the mission, and his personal experience of growing up without a father – all of these played a factor in his commitment to fight for the fatherless alongside Man Up and Go.

He’s especially passionate about the men in our Authentic Masculinity Program, because he believes in the power of a father who can protect and provide for his family. This environment is one he didn’t have growing up, and he’s determined to see as many men “man up” and be the men God has called them to be as he can. (Below he’s pictured with George from Jinja, Uganda. George received a microloan from Man Up to help enhance his carpentry business.)

Mark – who runs OneSource Insurance in Nixa, MO – doesn’t just sit on the board and take mission trips to aid in Man Up’s programming. He also went “all in” by adopting a little boy from China back in 2016. He loves Jesus, he loves his family, and he’s trying to do everything in his power to care for the fatherless, just as Jesus commanded.

His daughter Brynn and wife Stephanie, who’s also been to Africa, sponsor a little girl from one of our Child Sponsorship programs. This is a family who is truly living out the James 1:27 command!

Above is a picture of Mark’s family (from left) – Tobias, Maddox, Brynn, and Stephanie. Would you take a minute today to pray for them? Please pray that God would remain the center of their lives, that Mark would lead his family with humility and strength, and that he has the courage to govern Man Up with wisdom and diligence.

Thank you again for your partnership in these #PRAY127 challenges. We are so grateful!


Jeff Ford, CEO

Isaiah 1:17

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#PRAY127 02.17.20

Thank you for taking a few minutes today to pray for the Man Up and Go ministry. Today’s #PRAY127 request is a very personal one; so personal that I am not allowed to share all of the details.

In the course of taking teams to Africa and the Dominican Republic over the last 8 years, many team members become Champions of Man Up, Champions of a particular ministry or location, or Champions of the fatherless in their respective towns once they come home. Some go as far as to become Champions of the children in countries where we serve, and they choose to adopt.

Currently we have such a couple. I cannot share the country or the details, but they have reached out to us for prayer. I can tell you it has been a very difficult road, a road of trials, uncertainties, and disappointments. In fact, when I think about their road, I am reminded of the father in Mark 9 who cried out to Jesus with tears, “I believe…help my unbelief.” Much of life doesn’t make sense in the moment, in the pain, in the unknown – this is our unbelief. Yet somewhere in our spirits God has given us just enough belief to persevere through the unbelief.

So today, although you don’t know the specifics, will you please pray for this couple to have belief? Pray that they literally feel the peace and presence of God in their lives, and that they would pray the prayer of the Psalmist, “Make me understand your ways.”

Thank you for taking time to pray for this very intimate request today. May the Lord bless you this week.


Jeff Ford, CEO

Isaiah 1:17 P.S.

Please pass this email on to those who might be interested in praying with us each Monday. They can sign up to receive these emails here: https://manupandgo.org/pray127.

#PRAY127 02.10.20

This week we’re asking you to pray for something that I personally pray for often: wisdom. We are presented with multiple opportunities to do ministry every single month – sometimes every week – and they are usually very good. A pastor might contact us from a country to where we’ve never been, or another leader will contact us because he heard about us in the countries where we currently serve.

These pastors and leaders typically request assistance in their ministries, particularly around biblical discipleship materials and financial aid. Usually these requests are given by men who are serving the Lord with very little resources and in tough contexts. They are usually legitimate requests, even good requests.​

Other times we’re presented with needs from our partners that fall outside of the normal scope of work we do. Man Up has an E3 strategy of Engaging the fatherless with child sponsorship, Empowering single mothers and widows with vocational training, and Equipping men to lead through Authentic Masculinity. We raise and send money for those initiatives and believe God wants our focus there.

So what happens when our partners ask for money to upgrade an electrical grid? Or do an outreach to the community? Or fund a new building project? These are all good things and important enough for our partners to ask. Many times we do find it necessary to fund these; but not always. We have to make focused choices about where to place those funds.

Currently we fund three main areas overseas:

  • Educating and feeding at-risk children enrolled in our schools/children’s homes;
  • Purchasing necklaces, bags, and other wares from the women in our vocational training programs;
  • Funding our Authentic Masculinity Program, which includes microloans for the men enrolled.

As you can imagine, there is always a shortage of funding inasmuch as more funding means more enrollees; more enrollees means more impact.

With this in mind, will you please join us in praying for wisdom for the following:

  • That our partners in Uganda, Ethiopia, and the Dominican Republic would discern from the Holy Spirit the most needed ministry requests versus that which is simply a “want to” activity.
  • That Man Up leadership would discern the proper things to fund.
  • That Man Up leadership would discern the proper places to minister.
  • That our desire for wisdom is undergirded with supernatural belief in the God who gives “generously without finding fault” (James 1:5).

Thank you again for praying and may the Lord bless you and keep you.

Regards, Jeff Ford, CEO Isaiah 1:17

P.S. Please pass this email on to those who might be interested in praying with us each Monday. They can sign up to receive these emails here: https://manupandgo.org/pray127.

#PRAY127 02.03.20

Hopefully you are recovering from your Super Bowl festivities and we are grateful that you’re praying with us!

Today’s #PRAY127 recipient is our third partner in Uganda, Pastor George Kooli and his wife Sylvia, and their two children – Gibson and Leslie. When Man Up first went to Uganda, Pastor George was working under the leadership of Papa Isaac at Canaan’s Children’s Home.

If you remember last week we prayed for Pastor Samuel and his family. Samuel, who worked at Canaan’s previously, is Papa Isaac’s son. If you remember two weeks ago, we prayed for Pastor Andrew and his family. Pastor Andrew also worked at Canaan’s but had started his own ministry by the time we met him.

But for George, it was always his dream to follow in Papa’s footsteps – to plant a church, pastor it, and help needy and fatherless children like Papa Isaac had done. He did just that in 2012, the year we met him, and went out to rural eastern Uganda in a village town called Kibuku.

Kibuku seems like it’s in the middle of nowhere when you first go there. Down several winding dirt roads you come to what doesn’t even look like a road, take a right, and 100 yards later it opens up into Ebenezer Children’s Home.

George and Sylvia started the home with very little money or resources and started taking in kids from the community. Many of the kids they take in are HIV-positive, and George has to make regular trips to the city to get the meds needed for these kids.

Pictured above: Children and staff at Ebenezer Children’s Home.

These days there are over 70 kids at the children’s home. Not only that, but George started Ebenezer Primary School where they now educate over 300 children.

His wife Sylvia started the Suubi Center to help single mothers and widows learn how to sew. Their church plant is seeing people come to faith weekly.

For Man Up, one our Authentic Masculinity Cohorts is right there in Kibuku, led by someone George hand-picked to run the Cohort (Pastor Geofery).

All this has been done by the grace of God with very little resources. We have often said that Pastor George does the most with the least. I guess that’s what happens when you have BIG faith!

Pictured above: Kids from Ebenezer come to greet one of our recent teams.

Pictured below: The construction of the church in 2018 with our one of college teams.

As with the other pastors we’ve highlighted in the last couple of weeks, we’re just scratching the surface once again. God has worked mightily through these men and their wives to affect change in places where very little hope exists.

  • Please pray for the health of the Kooli family; they have battled various illnesses, including malaria, for some time now.
  • Please pray for excellent financial stewardship of the gifts given to them by Man Up, another agency called Hope Grafted In who runs their child sponsorship program, and others.
  • Pray for logistical clarity and vision. There is a growing church, burgeoning school, and of course the Children’s Home – it’s a lot, and they have very little financial resources. Pray they have the right people in place who understand the role God has for them.
  • Pray for the Kibuku men who have enrolled in the Authentic Masculinity Program. There are 12 of them who are desiring to be better husbands, fathers, protectors, and providers.

We are once again grateful for your prayer support and ask that you would forward this to whomever you believe will pray for these partners of ours. Have a great week!

Jeff Ford, CEO
Isaiah 1:17