Kerith Ministries COVID-19 Update

We received the following update from Pastor Samuel at Kerith Ministries in Pallisa, Uganda.


Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of Jesus, we pray that you are doing well during this challenging time. On behalf of my family and Kerith ministries, we thank God for you and your household members for His protection and provision. 

We briefly want to share with you what has transpired in the last 21 days of our country lock down. In the last 21 days, Uganda has registered 58 cases, over 30 have been discharged and we are so grateful to the Lord because none has died. The entire country is still in the lock down for the next 16 days.

Kerith children 33 in number and the staff, we are all doing well and still taking all the measures and guidelines put in place by the ministry of health in a way to adopt to the changes we are experiencing. We have redesigned our programmes in order to adapt to the new changes. 

Our children are involved in farming since it’s a rainy season. We have also made arrangements for them to learn some skills like tailoring, computer lessons, they are also having quality time with our social worker in handling their carrier guidance, above all have a quality time in prayer and worship. In the past 21 days as a ministry, we took some measures on how to impact the children and the community spiritually and physically. We have taken time in prayer and feeding the community. This has been possible through your generosity and your support during this trial moment. 

Due to the extension of the lock down, so many families still struggle to find what to eat, something that is leading to so many body failures and sicknesses in the community. This is because most of the families depend on hand to mouth survival. On behalf of the people of Uganda, we want to say thank you more especially for the support you have given to the people of Pallisa. Thank you for your prayers and touching their lives physically. Please know that we are praying for you as well knowing the hard times you are living in and challenges you are going through as well. 

We love you so much and please continue to pray with us.

Pastor Samuel Mwesigwa

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CECCAI Dominican Republic COVID-19 Update

We recently received an update from our partners in the Dominican Republic:


God bless you. I hope you are very well. Here we are surviving. The situation is very difficult. There are many infected people and approximately 200 people have died. In addition to the COVID-19 outbreak, in the area where many of our children live there is also an outbreak of malaria and dengue. We need a lot of prayer and help.

Our children live in a very vulnerable community due to the garbage. For many of these children, the only food they receive is the one they have in CECCAI, however now that they are not coming to class I am sure that they are very hungry, and that is extremely sad. In most cases the average number per family is 8, they are very poor and their homes are extremely small fragile.

Now with an 8pm curfew in place, the homes are extremely crowded. Imagine all these people in a very small house without food?

As the children have not been coming to school, we have been preparing and printing teaching packets to for the parents to pick up every week. In addition we have developed a small project in order to continue giving food to the children. Along with the weekly lessons, we would give each family raw food for them to prepare at home. Although this would be more expensive than our normal feeding program, it is the only way we have to supply at least part of the food.

I will send you the plan that we have and the costs that this would incur with the hope that you may be able to speak with people or churches that could help us in this time of crisis.

Pastor Kendar & Hozanna Robles


Watch as one of the students as she does her math lesson from home.

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#PRAY127 04.27.20

#PRAY127 04.13.20

If you celebrated Easter yesterday by watching church online, you know it was a different experience than it ever has been. One of the constants for me, however, was to read through Isaiah 53, which I do every Easter morning. When I was a new believer, I had a spiritual mentor who had me read through the book of Isaiah, and I remember thinking, “This is all jibberish.” 

Today, however, it’s my favorite Old Testament book, because it’s actually all about Jesus, not the least of which is chapter 53. In thinking about Jesus’ one-time sacrifice for sins on the cross, it led me to Romans 5. While I was looking for other verses that spoke about how much better Jesus was than Adam, I couldn’t help but pause on verses 3-5: 

Given the current environment, there are tribulations we’re facing. No, we’re not being thrown into a den of lions or burned at the stake, but there are serious inconveniences, many of which the world has never seen. 

As Man Up has been delivering food to foster families the last couple of weeks, there is a particular segment that has been on my heart: single mothers. Some of these are actual foster parents, single women who have taken on the hard and difficult work of James 1:27 without a helpmate. Others are caregivers, be it relative or non-relative, who are stepping in and plugging a need because of their relationship to the child who’s been removed from his or her home

In either case, I have been amazed to see these women endure the current “tribulations.” As mentioned previously, the prayer request I’ve received most is for sanity. But there is also this underlying need I’m seeing for that which Romans 5 says can come from tribulations – character and hope. 

Many of the single moms I’ve spoken with need resources.

  • For one mom it was respite care.
  • For another it was better communication with her caseworker.
  • For another it was getting her foster child approved for a certain therapy.
  • For several it was help with juggling school work and “work, work.”

One single foster mother I spoke with, a nurse, is out on FMLA to try and help her two very busy (aka, needy) foster children. 

As I’ve spoken with them, I’ve told them we will pray. And that’s where I need you. As you join us in our #PRAY127 request this Monday, please be praying for these single foster moms and caregivers: 

  • That they might turn to the Lord in their tribulation. 
  • That they might see character formed in them through patient endurance. 

That they might grasp the hope needed to see them through the current reality and beyond. 

I’m sure you are facing your own tribulation right now in some capacity, so I’m praying for you as well. Thank you for praying for our single foster moms today.  

Jeff Ford, CEO
Isaiah 1:17

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Man Up Tampa Bay on NBC

The Man Up Tampa Bay PDQ Dinner Delivery was covered by the local NBC Channel in their #SomethingGood segment. Check it out here:

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#PRAY127 04.06.20

This morning I read probably one of my favorite Psalms as I came across it in my daily reading. Psalm 139. Broken into three parts, the first section speaks of God’s omniscience (vs. 1-6), the second section speaks of His omnipresence (vs. 7-12), and the third section talks of His omnipotence (vs. 13-16).  

It’s one of my favorites because it plainly speaks to the grandeur, majesty, and power of God. There is no room for misinterpretation. 

  • He knows it all (He’s omniscient).
  • He’s everywhere at the same time (He’s omnipresent).
  • There’s nothing He can’t do (He’s omnipotent). 

​Since last Wednesday, Man Up Tampa Bay has been delivering meals to foster families all around the Bay area.

Between a generous donor and a willingness on the part of PDQ to extend a nice discount, at the time of this #PRAY127 email we have delivered 5750 chicken strips to 110 foster families who have a combined 443 children in their homes! The gratitude expressed from these families has been overwhelming.  

We ask every family on the phone and in person if there’s something we can be praying for, and the common thread we’re hearing is a simple but resonating word: sanity. During these strange and unpredictable times, there is a plea to remain strong in mind when circumstances seem to encourage anything but. 

I don’t know what was going on in David’s life when God inspired him to write Psalm 139. At times it seems like there are more questions than answers when it comes to knowing the mind of God. But I have lived long enough now and experienced the faithfulness of God enough times in my life that I have come to accept Psalm 139 as unfettered reality: He’s in complete and total control. 

Because I know that I know that I know God is in control, I know He can give me peace in the storm. And if He can give me peace, He can give anyone peace. In fact, isn’t that what Jesus promised? 

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”– John 14:27

So today, as you think about this week’s #PRAY127 request, will you pray for peace to abound to foster parents?

  • Specifically, that you would pray for those families who Man Up serves in Tampa Bay and in SW Missouri. 
  • Generally, for foster parents all over the world who have answered the James 1:27 call and may be struggling with frustration, a short temper, a lack of empathy, or any other emotion that comes with parenting a child of trauma. 

Thank you again for your partnership in praying this #PRAY127 prayer! May you continue to hold on to Him during these strange and unprecedented times. 

Jeff Ford, CEO
Isaiah 1:17

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