Come Join the fight for the Fatherless!

Every year our Man Up 100 cohorts host their New Term Launch where we gather together to fellowship, share wins, share new serve opportunities, and enroll more men who are looking to join the fight!​​

If you are looking to get involved with Man Up 100 this is the gathering that you cannot miss. You will be more informed on our local system of care and the roll that you can play in supporting the foster/adoptive families in our AAF program.

Here are the links for the launches:

– The Man Up Team



RABGRAI 2022 is another one for the books!  Every year Man Up sends out a team of avid bike riders to represent our mission to fight for the fatherless. Here is what one of our RAGBRAI veterans had to say about this year’s trip:

“One thing that struck me this year is the friendships that we have built on RAGBRAI. We caught up with Anita about her grandkids and Steve about his sons and their PB & J business. We talked a lot with our Air Force buddies and on and on. After riding this event 9 times, I now feel like I am going home every summer to meet up with my old friends for a week. That’s pretty special.”

Here is a quick run down from one of our trip leaders:

Small but strong team.

I ran over kyson at 23 mph, possibly fracturing a rib or two but he rode all 464 miles.

Jimmy literally couldn’t walk through towns because of his back but finished every mile.

Jeff and juicy pulled whoever needed it throughout the week. 

Jimmy, kyson and I all rode our first century ride on Wednesday at 103 miles.

The Air Force team is awesome and they love us.

The RV only sustained minor damage when my dad and I had a disagreement.  It was repaired before we returned it. 

Juicy kept our bikes rolling (even after having to do some roadside repairs after kyson and I crashed). 

We have a lot of friends that we see every year on the ride. 

Food was great.

We witnessed the finest pro wrestling that Olwein, IA has to offer.  One of the wrestlers chased kyson after he called the guy fat.  

PB peddlers owner (Steve) loves your emails and supports us.  Gave us free water all week. 

Weather couldn’t have been any better.  Cool and tailwind every day.

My dad gave his very first devo. 

Iowa is awesome.

-The Man Up Team


What does it mean to be a Man?

​We believe that Dan Tengo shares the answer to that question in this short snippet from his interview in Jinja, Uganda. Our goal is to disciple men to be who God created them to be. This impacts the entire family unit as well as the community. When men live out their God given responsibilities, women, children, and communities flourish! 

Click the picture below to view Dan’s encouraging testimony.

– The Man Up Team