Why Does Fatherhood Matter?

Why Does Fatherhood Matter?

What is fatherhood? Is it merely being a male that shares responsibility for creating a child? Or is it deeper than biology? ​

If you do a quick search on the definition of “father”, Google will tell you the term refers to the relationship between a man and his child. But what defines that relationship?  What is a father’s role in that relationship? And how does this relationship impact children and society as a whole?

Statistics have time and time again shown us that there is a direct correlation between absent fathers and increased rates of behavioral disorders, poverty, abuse, poor educational performance, and more. While the reasoning for this is complex, when fathers (or father figures) are not present, children can face tremendous uphill battles in life.  Conversely, when a dad is present, children have the ability to flourish. 

What does the Bible say about this role and relationship? God is clear about His requirements, men are to love, protect, disciple, and provide for their families. He holds men to a high standard due to the importance of their role in the home – and how it can impact an entire community. God holds fathers accountable for how they lead (or fail to lead) their family. Ultimately, a father’s job is to be a reflection of our Heavenly Father. He is to model grace, mercy, justice, joy, and care so that when we look at him, we see the grace of God, the mercy of God, the justice of God, the joy of God, and the care of God.​​​​

As we read through God’s Word, we see time and time again God display His heart for the fatherless. With no father figure to reflect the heart of a Heavenly Father – some believe the tragic lie that God Himself is absent or lacks compassion.  As followers of Christ, we know this isn’t true.  In fact, we know the Lord has a special place in His heart for the fatherless.  May this motivate our Man Up and Go family to continue forward with this message – God is here, God cares, and there is place for the fatherless in the family of God.

-The Man Up Team

Celebrating the Life of a True Servant Leader.

One of the greatest calls for a man is to be a servant leader. We see this throughout the Scriptures, and we see it perfectly displayed in the life of Christ. Why is this such an important role for us to play? Because we are commanded to walk like Christ! To seek first the Kingdom of God, to put others ahead of ourselves, knowing that the last shall be first.

Men have a responsibility to lead in our communities. Not just to lead though — to lead by example. To serve those in need and to meet people where they are.

One of the best examples we know of servant leadership in action is this man, Rick Sadorf.​​

Rick began serving with Man Up and Go several years ago – setting up Christmas lights for single foster moms, doing landscaping projects, and cooking and delivering meals with his amazing wife Barb. An attorney and CPA by day, Rick put on his Jesus cape by night, advocating for the fatherless whenever he could.

Recently (and suddenly) Rick went home to be with the Lord. As surprising as it was, it gave us the opportunity to rename our “Man of the Year Award” to the “Rick Sadorf Award” – which was presented to Barb last week.​

We need more men like Rick Sadorf in the world, and this is where we’re calling on you . . . be a mentor, serve a meal, sponsor a fatherless child, go on a trip . . . all these are ways you can “Man Up” by lowering yourself to serve those in need.​

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-The Man Up Team