A Car for a Foster Family.

Everyone can do something!

Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone – especially to those in the family of faith.

Galatians 6:10

A few weeks ago, our ministry friends at One More Child reached out to the Man Up and Go team about a foster family they serve.  The family was in search of a car for their foster daughter, so they asked if we knew anyone looking to sell or donate a vehicle.  The family’s daughter had worked diligently over the last several months and saved up her own money to make this special purchase.  Our team was glad to be on the lookout! 

Little did we know we would not have to look far!  When a fellow Man Up and Go team member heard of the need she knew exactly how she could help.  In God’s providence, she was working on getting a Ford Mustang prepared to sell.  Instead of listing it online, she offered it up to the family.  Man Up and Go matched the young girl’s savings, the family pitched in, and it was just enough for her to purchase her own car!

God calls all His followers to do what we can with what He has given us – whenever we have the opportunity. Our team member was in the right place at the right time, responded to God’s call, and was used by God to fulfill a need in this young lady’s life.  

What is one way you can do good today? 

You may not be able to buy someone a car, but you may be able to fulfill a need in a creative way!  Be on the lookout.  Do what you can!

What does the Bible say about this role and relationship? God is clear about His requirements, men are to love, protect, disciple, and provide for their families. He holds men to a high standard due to the importance of their role in the home – and how it can impact an entire community. God holds fathers accountable for how they lead (or fail to lead) their family. Ultimately, a father’s job is to be a reflection of our Heavenly Father. He is to model grace, mercy, justice, joy, and care so that when we look at him, we see the grace of God, the mercy of God, the justice of God, the joy of God, and the care of God.​​​​

As we read through God’s Word, we see time and time again God display His heart for the fatherless. With no father figure to reflect the heart of a Heavenly Father – some believe the tragic lie that God Himself is absent or lacks compassion.  As followers of Christ, we know this isn’t true.  In fact, we know the Lord has a special place in His heart for the fatherless.  May this motivate our Man Up and Go family to continue forward with this message – God is here, God cares, and there is place for the fatherless in the family of God.

-The Man Up Team