Adoption Post!

Congratulations to the Rodriguezes!

Foster families have a very special role to play in the lives of the children in care. They are committed to providing a safe home for children whose biological families are working through a case plan aimed at reunifying with their children. When reunification isn’t possible, adoption becomes a viable option for the family that has been caring for these children’s needs. The Rodriguez family has been actively fostering four of the eight children in their home for over three years (we share this with their permission).

Both fostering and adoption reflect the Gospel in such unique ways. The Gospel simply means “The Good News.” Fostering reminds us that God has called us to be vessels of reconciliation and restoration – this is really Good News! When you foster, you provide a family the opportunity to have a second chance at creating a safe environment for their children.When this isn’t possible, adoption gives us a peak into the amazing gospel story. In the same way that God takes us in as His children and gives us His inheritance, this family has looked at these four children and taken them in as their own and made them a part of the Rodriguez Family!

This is why Man Up and Go exists. We believe that children are precious to God and especially fatherless children. God often refers to His care for the fatherless and so should we. Our Man Up 100 program is dedicated to serving families like the Rodriguezes, who are sacrificially caring for children that need a loving home. If you would like to join us in supporting more families like this, please Click Here.

-The Man Up Team