Every year in July a Man Up and Go team gathers together in western Iowa to embark on a week long journey called RAGBRAI.  The team will start on Sunday, July 23 in Sioux City, Iowa and end up in Davenport, Iowa on Saturday, July 29.  This year’s RAGBRAI event is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary.  Man Up and Go will be riding as a team for it’s 9th year.​

The team this year consists of five guys from the Tampa, FL area and 4 guys from the Springfield, MO area.  They are gathering together for the purpose of sharing the mission of Man Up and Go.  As the team is riding through small towns, serving people along the way, and enjoying the festivities they are talking about the “Fight for the Fatherless”.

The “Fight for the Fatherless” looks different for everyone.  For some it means stepping up in your own home to be a better father and for others it’s serving as a mentor to a foster youth.  Whatever role you are playing, please know that God smiles down on the genuine efforts we put into breaking the cycle of generational fatherlessness.​​

So as the team is riding across the state of Iowa in an effort to raise awareness of fatherlessness please take a moment to say a prayer for them.  Not only pray for them but ask the Lord what He would have you do.  Isaiah 1:17 implores us to “defend the cause of the orphans”.  So what are you doing to fight for the fatherless?​

Join us on all of our social media platforms to follow the journey of our team.  We will be posting videos and pictures to highlight what’s happening throughout the week.

-The Man Up RAGBRAI team

AMP’d Update

It’s been two years since we launched our domestic Authentic Masculinity Program aimed at coaching and mentoring young men impacted by fatherlessness. 

Statistics show that a young man who ages out of foster care will cost taxpayers over $300,000 in social programs over the course of his lifetime. Our goal is to reduce that trend by engaging these young men with Coaches who often provide the only meaningful, stable relationship they have. ​

This past year we worked with over 40 young men, placing an emphasis in helping them establish stability in five major areas: 

  • Housing 
  • Behavior not leading to incarceration
  • Employment and/or education
  • Mental Health
  • Substance abuse 

We are thrilled to report that we have saved taxpayers over 2.1 million dollars in costs avoided by building relationships with these young men, coaching them in the areas above, modeling healthy masculinity, and connecting them to resources. 

More importantly, we have been able to share the hope of the Gospel with many of these young men who invite us into their lives. 

One of the young men that we serve has his own family. He is a father of 3 children and was struggling to gain employment. With hard work and determination, he secured a steady employment opportunity, giving him a sense of purpose and financial independence.The progress this young man has made is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and the commitment each of our coaches has shown to his well-being. The dedication has empowered him to break free from the cycle of homelessness, substance abuse, and incarceration, and has opened doors to a future filled with possibilities.

You may be asking how you can help? If you currently live in the greater Tampa Bay or SW Missouri areas, then check out our Man Up 100 cohorts. They are a great way to fight for the fatherless in your area. These cohorts are made up of men who give of their time, talents and treasure, in order to impact the families we serve.

If you live somewhere else, we have an exciting digital resource that will be available this Fall called Patros. In the original greek, Patros meant fathers or those who pass down legacy. Our Patros video-based tool will provide churches with the resources needed for training their men to live out their biblical masculinity by fighting for the fatherless. You will get to listen to influential men of God as they walk through different aspects of being a Patros. To ensure Patros is utilized by your church, please contact our CEO, Jeff Ford, via email: jford@manupandgo.org

Finally, all of this takes your financial support. You can give to Patros by going here:

Thank you again for your faithfulness!

​-The Man Up Team​​