Are You Ready For PATROS?

For the past year, Man Up has been developing a video-based discipleship resource for men in the church. Imagine a church where the men are discipled to work unto the Lord, reconcile with their enemies, preach the Gospel, be godly fathers and husbands, all while fighting for the fatherless?  What if there was a word that encapsulated healthy masculinity and the impact men make on to the generations after them? What if that word was used frequently in the Bible? Good news! There is a word, and the word is PATROS. 

PATROS, the Greek word for “father,” is a digital resource that chronicles the journey of one young man on fire for Jesus as he interviews higher profile brothers in Christ on what it means to be a biblical man. ​

From pastors to politicians, championship coaches, and a Christian hip-hop artist, these stories both inspire and challenge us to not only think more biblically, but to move us to act on behalf of the world’s fatherless.

Ultimately we want men who use this PATROS resource to see why God’s Scriptural mandate to “Defend the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17) is something we can no longer ignore.

Then we want you to DO something about it.  ​

-The Man Up Team