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Mid-Year Review

Depending on your individual circumstances and whether or not you’re a half-glass full or half-glass empty kind of person, 2020 has proved to be either

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#PRAY127 07.20.20

The Apostle Paul wrote some things that are just hard plain to gulp down. On the one hand, he seems like the super Apostle to

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#PRAY127 07.13.20

I hope this email finds you well. As the cases for COVID-19 increase around the country, and in some places dramatically (like where we’re based

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#PRAY127 07.06.20

Thank you once again for standing with us in prayer this Monday. This morning I was messaging our AMP Coordinator in Ethiopia, Sami. Not that

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#PRAY127 06.29.20

This week’s #PRAY127 is similar to last week’s, but nevertheless equally as important. I wish I could express to you the magnitude of this moment

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#PRAY127 06.22.20

This week’s #PRAY127 is special because we get to share with you a special day in the life of our ministry and in the lives

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#PRAY127 06.15.20

The last couple weeks of #PRAY127 requests have been a response to what’s happening in our world right now as various societal and social inequities

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#PRAY127 06.08.20

My wife and I, who are white, adopted our son from Ethiopia in 2013. Since then, I have, both unintentionally and with great intention, started

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