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Jeff has served in this role since January 2015. He began his journey with Man Up and Go back in 2012 when he visited Ethiopia and Uganda. He fell in love with Africa, but also identified with the intrinsic vision of the organization. He desires to see men live the abundant life Christ offers in John 10, which includes “Manning Up” to their responsibilities as husbands, fathers, and leaders in the community. Jeff is passionate about Christ, the world’s most vulnerable, and in seeing men live out authentic masculinity. He graduated from Wheaton College (2000) with a BA in Interpersonal Communications and Business Emphasis, and played running back for the-then-Crusaders.

Jeff brings an eclectic background of entrepreneurism to the Man Up table, from starting and owning a painting company (2000), to an insurance brokerage firm (2006), to an online savings blog (2009) he still owns and his wife, Liza, operates. He and Liza met at Wheaton College, were married in 2001, and have two children; Asher, whom they adopted from Ethiopia in 2013, and Jolie, whom they adopted from China in 2016. Jeff is active in his local church where he serves as deacon and is in the unenviable position of being a lifelong Chicago Bears fan.

Jennifer, Executive Administrator since February 2020, began as the part-time Administrative Assistant with Man Up and Go in September 2019. Although she began not knowing much of the organization, within a short time, Jennifer realized she had found a place she could not only work, but also serve using the skills and gifts to serve the Lord. As a single mother since her son was 2 (now 21), Jennifer understands firsthand the need for authentic masculinity in the world. Jennifer’s gifts, abilities, passions, and experiences are all reasons why she enthusiastically has joined Man Up’s the fight for the fatherless. Jennifer’s walk with the Lord began in 1993, but it was after a mission trip to Guatemala in 2010, that her heart’s desire was to pursue God’s all for her life. She is excited to pursue her love for missions as she works with Man Up’s local and national Man Up 100 cohorts, and internationally with Man Up’s cohorts in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Dominican Republic. Jennifer is of Puerto Rican descent and was born in Boston. She currently lives in Clearwater, FL with her son.

Allan was raised in a single mother home since the age of 2. The lack of a father in his home created many challenges during his upbringing. God providentially used each and every one of those circumstances to bring Allan to a place where he would hear the Gospel and eventually come to saving faith at 17. One of the main things that stuck with him often was that God is a father to the fatherless.

Allan learned of Man Up through one of the board members, Luke Sawyer, in 2018. Allan immediately loved the mission and ministry of Man Up. Given that he comes from a home absent of a father, Allan understands the importance of having a father that mans up daily. Allan loves that Man Up is an organization that is passionate about caring for the widows and orphans by getting to the root cause, the men.

Allan is the Community Advocate. He will be working locally and internationally, to strike a passion in men to fight for the fatherless. He is a young man in his 20’s who is ready to do whatever is necessary to help Man Up grow and impact the Kingdom by impacting the community.

Tina Price first experienced Man Up and Go’s mission to “Love Big” on a trip to Uganda in 2017 as part of the Woman Up and Go team and has been back every year since. Having grown up in a family where divorce, addictions and abuse were common, Tina’s life story testifies of the redemptive power of Christ to change generations. She is passionate about sharing and encouraging others to believe that no matter where you have come from or what road you have walked, there is HOPE.

Tina currently helps Man Up and Go with the online Etsy shop, Mission4Masese which lists beautiful handmade jewelry by the women of Mases, Uganda. Proceeds go directly back into the community of Masese to help support the women and children who are living in poverty.

Tina enjoys blogging life lessons and traveling across the globe speaking at women’s conferences, prisons, churches, domestic violence shelters, high schools, and fundraising events advocating for life transformation. She and her husband Tom of nearly 40 years reside in Abilene, Kansas where they are blessed to spend time with family and “Love Big” on their five precious grandchildren!

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Growing up in a single parent home from the time he was 6, Mark knows first hand the impact that fatherless homes have on the children and the single mom. As he grew into an adult, Mark developed a passion to follow the scripture in James 1:27 and throughout the Bible to care for the fatherless and the widows of the world. In 2013 Mark was introduced to Man Up and Go and as they say, the rest is history.

Mark is the President of OneSource Insurance Group in Nixa, MO. He is married to his beautiful wife Stephanie and they have two children, Brynn and Maddox, and an adopted child from China.

Eric first traveled with Man Up in 2012 to Ethiopia and Uganda. He fell in love with the people in East Africa and subsequently has lead return trips to Uganda. He is passionate about men becoming the husbands and fathers God intends them to be and about servant leadership. Eric is married to Shannon and has 3 children (Gabrielle, Elijah, and Carver). He works in a leadership role for Athletico Physical Therapy in Eastern Iowa. He is excited to expand the Man Up and Go vision and mission in the Midwest!

Jason is passionate about the Man-Up movement because it aims to strengthen the family unit, which will occur as men throughout the world embrace responsibilities as husbands and fathers. None of us are perfect and all fall short of the standard set by the ultimate “Man Up” example in Jesus Christ. Man Up transitions lessons in loving and leading to action by serving orphans, widows, and men – some of whom have never experienced a positive male influence. Jason believes “Manning Up” is the formula to strengthening family units, communities, our nation, and all nations.

Jason lives in Clearwater, FL with his wife (Janna) and children (Will, Kylie, and Braden). He is a founder in The Sports Facilities Management, The Sports Facilities Advisory, Empower Adventures Tampa Bay, Empower Adventures Middleburg and actively serves at Calvary Church, Calvary Christian High School Board of Directors, and Board Chair for the Habitat For Humanity of Pinellas County.

Stephen lives to see people come alive in Christ. God first used Man Up and Go to change Stephen’s life in 2011, when he tripped over to Ethiopia and Uganda with the first Man Up trip; he loves adventures. Stephen was profoundly impacted by that trip and has never been the same. He has a big heart for the orphan now and sees Man Up as a revolution against fatherlessness. He gets fired up at seeing people’s lives changed thru the Gospel. Stephen has been married to his dream girl, Wynne, for almost 9 years. They have 2 precious little ones, adopted from Ethiopia, Camp and Asher, both 3. Stephen lives in Bryan Texas, is an entrepreneur, and loves his Lord and Savior.

Laney became involved with Man Up and Go when she traveled to Ethiopia and Uganda in 2018 with a Man Up team. The mission and vision of MUG resonates with her personal values and passions to see men lead their families, empower women, and care for orphans. She is driven by seeing the Gospel changes people, break cycles of trauma, and redeem broken lives.


Laney is a clinical social worker with experience working in Florida’s foster care system. She and her husband Matt are currently foster parents because of their passion for helping restore biological families and protect vulnerable children. She believes God has placed her in her local community to make Kingdom impacts and show her neighbors the restoring love of Christ. Laney is passionate about teaching others how to care for vulnerable and dis-empowered people, while challenging societal norms and stigmas surrounding poverty and orphan care.

Like most men, Craig tries his best to be a good Dad. If there is one thing that he has learned from his experiences with Man Up, it’s that the role of the father extends far beyond the home. Craig has been involved with Man Up and Go in Springfield, MO since 2015. In February of 2019, he made his first Mission Trip to Uganda and was spiritually overwhelmed by the experience. To see people so full of Christ and so happy, yet living in such poverty, was difficult to comprehend. It’s an experience that has forever changed him and significantly impacts his daily thoughts and actions.

Craig is active in his Catholic Faith and serves as Grand Knight for the Knights of Columbus at their church. He joined Man Up’s Board of Directors in 2019 and he has been active with Springfield’s new “Man Up 100” Program. Craig is married to Kimberly, his wife of over 23 years and they have 3 boys; Braden, Dawson and Dylan. Craig’s is VP of Sales at OneSource Insurance Group and serves his clients as “Mr. Insurance.”  

Jim is a 50 something father of 4 kids, husband to Nancy for 29 years (yes, she’s a strong woman), avid runner, and lover of the Lord – striving to do more than just exist in the time God has given. His Christian journey has taught Jim God desires for him to love and serve others unselfishly. If he is not serving, he’s just existing. That’s why Jim loves mission trips to Africa – he gets to do more than just exist! He has an opportunity to show the children and people of Africa the same unselfish love the Lord has shown to him.

First introduced to Man Up and Go in 2014, Matt later participated in his first trip to Uganda in 2015. That trip opened his eyes to the plight of the fatherless and the meaning behind James 1:27. He believes Man Up is making a difference around the world as we support our ministry partners and LOVE BIG on the orphans, widows, and men that we serve.

Matt lives in Clearwater, Florida with his wife Amy and their three children. He works in Regulatory Compliance at ClearCaptions and serves in his local church at Lakeside Community Chapel.

Luke comes to Man Up and Go from working as the Country Director with Fellowship of Christian Athletes in the Dominican Republic. He has a passion for the Gospel of Jesus, justice, community development, multiculturalism, and authentic masculinity. He wrote his MA capstone project specifically on Latin American masculinity and the role of the father in both spiritual as well as socio-economic development. His time in the Dominican Republic was spent developing men through the avenue of sports. He is excited to see men come to know Jesus, grow spiritually, develop socio-economically, and become leaders both in the home, in the church, and in the community.

From his years as an inner-city Chicago math teacher and international school Principal in Jerusalem, Israel; Shane has developed a love for and a passion to serve those on the margin of our global society.  At the age of 5, he and his family immigrated from Jamaica to the US and eventually settled in Clearwater, FL where he grew up before attending Wheaton College (IL) and meeting Jeff Ford, current Executive Director of Man Up & Go.

Through the eyes of his eldest daughter, Simone, Shane has been challenged to do more especially for the orphans and widows in our world.  Her desire to eventually work for/own an orphanage and his relationship with Jeff and Jason Clement led Shane to go on his first Man Up trip in June 2016.  Since then, Shane continues to seek opportunities to steward TIME: Talent, Intellect, Money, and Energy he has been entrusted with for Christ and His kingdom. As a travel junkie, Shane is ready to join any Man Up initiative or trip around the world and hopes to take Simone on one of the trips in the very near future!

When not serving with Man Up, you can find Shane leading community development work through local churches and international trips.  Shane and Sarah, his wife of over 20 years, make their home in Clearwater, FL with their three children: Simone, Anthony (born in Bethlehem while the family was serving in Jerusalem), and Sophia.


Vicki’s introduction to the Man Up and Go organization was through her first mission trip to Africa in 2013.  The experiences of that trip are what inspired Vicki to become more involved in fighting for the fatherless. She has been to Africa every year since and has led multiple trips there.  She believes God has specifically called her to love and encourage the women and children in Africa.  Man Up and Go has given her the opportunity to LOVE BIG on the people of Uganda and Ethiopia. 

Vicki has been married over 30 years to her high school sweetheart (Tom) and is the mother of 2 boys (Zachary & Logan).  She was born and raised in beautiful Clearwater, Florida.  She attends and serves at Calvary Church and works full time at Bouchard Insurance.

The Lord is using Man Up and Go to make a significant impact in the areas where we are partnering with the local church to engage, empower & equip the men, women and children we are serving. Change only happens when people do something.