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Authentic Masculinity Program – Phase 2 Rolled Out in Uganda

Recently we led a small team to Uganda, headed by Luke Sawyer, our Director of Operations, to spend time with the 57 men who are currently enrolled in our Authentic Masculinity Program. This trip was a huge encouragement to us as Luke and the team were able to sit with almost all of the 57 men, many of their wives and families as well, and hear about the growth and benefits of their first three months in the program.

Over the course of the preceding three months the men spent time walking through Biblical Masculinity with our Authentic Masculinity Coordinators. Some of the feedback includes the following:

“For the last 27 years down the road in history I had never told my woman ‘I love you’…through this program of Man Up and Go I came to realize telling my woman ‘I love you’ is a need. Love cannot be of any use when you don’t express it with one another.” – Kiko Grace, Jinja Cohort

One of the wives made the following comments:

“I have seen a number of changes (in my husband). First in how much time he spends with me and our children. Since the program began I have seen a change in how much time he spends with us as well as how much he is helping with family chores. He has been helping with the cooking, the laundry, and cleaning the house, which has never happened before.” – wife of Wandera Ema, Bulangira Cohort

Luke and the team launched the men into the second phase of the program, which focuses on sustainable business from a Christian perspective. These men will be walking through the process identifying and addressing the root causes of poverty, asset mapping their communities in search of material and human resources, crafting and developing their business plans, and ultimately identifying what income generating activities (IGA) are at their disposal. At the end of these next three months they will apply for a loan and start investing in their provision for their families.

Please pray for these men, their families, and their growth in Christ as they seek to live out Authentic Masculinity and protect and provide for their families.