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CECCAI Dominican Republic COVID-19 Update

We recently received an update from our partners in the Dominican Republic:


God bless you. I hope you are very well. Here we are surviving. The situation is very difficult. There are many infected people and approximately 200 people have died. In addition to the COVID-19 outbreak, in the area where many of our children live there is also an outbreak of malaria and dengue. We need a lot of prayer and help.

Our children live in a very vulnerable community due to the garbage. For many of these children, the only food they receive is the one they have in CECCAI, however now that they are not coming to class I am sure that they are very hungry, and that is extremely sad. In most cases the average number per family is 8, they are very poor and their homes are extremely small fragile.

Now with an 8pm curfew in place, the homes are extremely crowded. Imagine all these people in a very small house without food?

As the children have not been coming to school, we have been preparing and printing teaching packets to for the parents to pick up every week. In addition we have developed a small project in order to continue giving food to the children. Along with the weekly lessons, we would give each family raw food for them to prepare at home. Although this would be more expensive than our normal feeding program, it is the only way we have to supply at least part of the food.

I will send you the plan that we have and the costs that this would incur with the hope that you may be able to speak with people or churches that could help us in this time of crisis.

Pastor Kendar & Hozanna Robles


Watch as one of the students as she does her math lesson from home.

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