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Dominican Republic Partners Visit the U.S.

We recently had the privilege of hosting our Dominican Republic partners, Pastor Kendar Robles and his wife Hozanna, in our Clearwater (FL) office. Kendar pastors Iglesia Bautista Getsemani in Santo Domingo and Hozanna directs a children’s education and formation ministry, Centro Cristiano de Capacitación y Ayuda Infantil (CECCAI, for short), out of the church. Together they serve as our Dominican Republic partner. If you sponsor a child in the Dominican Republic, then it is Kendar and Hozanna who have direct contact and impact with your child.

While Kendar and his wife were in the Clearwater area, they spoke in several different venues with hopes of securing more sponsors for the children they serve. Kendar and Hozanna have been serving for 20 years in Los Tres Brazos, specifically focusing on the “basurero,” or trash dump community, where many are living in destitute poverty on top of a marshland of trash.

We’re thankful to have been given so many opportunities and venues to allow them to share their story. We’re grateful for church and community partners like Building 28, Calvary Church, Religious Community Services, and others who welcomed them with open arms.

It is an honor for us to partner with Kendar and Hozanna and be a part of securing the food and education for some of the most vulnerable children living in the Dominican Republic. Please continue to pray for them and with us as we seek more sponsors to come alongside of these children.