the fatherless

One element of our theory of change is to engage with the current fatherless generation. This includes sending teams on short term mission trips, but it also includes providing basic care for children who wouldn’t otherwise have it. From clothing, feeding, and sheltering these children, to providing for their fees at Christian schools, engaging with these children takes on several forms. Our prayer is that by meeting immediate needs, we are setting them up for long-term success.


Man Up and Go has three child sponsorship programs:


Centro Cristiano de Capacitacion y Ayuda Infantil Ceccai (Santo Domingo) y Iglesia Bautista Getsemani

Fully translated, the Centro Christiano de Capacitacion y Ayuda Infantil Ceccai means the Christian Center of Children’s Help and Formation. For short, we refer to this partner by its acronym, CECCAI. Iglesia Bautista Getsemani is translated Gethsemane Baptist Church.

Founded by Hozanna and Pastor Kendar Robles in 1998, CECCAI is the ministry of the Gethsemane Baptist Church in Los Tres Brazos, an area in Santo Domingo Este (East). The ministry provides formal education to preschoolers and Kindergarteners (ages 4-5/36 children), meals Monday-Friday at lunch for the children, and a separate feeding program M-W-F for 30 other children. The area of Los Tres Brazos is significantly impoverished with many in the community living on top of a trash dump. Pastor Kendar understands the importance of authentic masculinity and Man Up partners with him in this regard.

To inquire further about one of the children, please click on one of the boxes below and email us the name of the child you are interested in sponsoring. Sponsorship is $45/mo for the cost of tuition, which includes a hot meal each day.

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Bethel Junior School

Bethel Junior School Sponsorship Program

This program is run in conjunction with Home Again Ministry in Jinja, Uganda. In 2011, Man Up and Go partnered with Home Again Ministry to establish a brand new primary school in Masese III, a slum community for a displaced tribe from northern Uganda (the Karamajong).

The goal was to provide children in the community with a high-quality Christ-centered education, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay tuition fees. Most of the people in this community live on less than $4/month.

Bethel Junior School officially opened in 2012 with around 60 students enrolled in just three grades. Most of these children had previously been ostracized within the community because of their ethnic tribal affiliations, and many of them were not allowed to attend other local schools because of this.

However, as of 2018, there are now more than 252 students enrolled through P7, and many of these students are able to attend the school on full scholarship due to the financial generosity of Man Up and Go donors. Even parents from outside the Masese III community are paying to send their children to Bethel Junior School because of the school’s high-quality education and outstanding reputation, despite the tribal stigmas that still persist in society.

Bethel Junior School families consistently state that the school is transforming their children’s lives as well as the entire Masese III community as a whole! This is a testament to the power of the Gospel to break down even the strongest of cultural and ethnic divides.

Because of the large number of children needing sponsorship and the constant influx of students in this community, we have not listed profiles on the website. To inquire further about sponsoring, please contact us and a representative will be in touch with you shortly to set up your automatic donation and explain the program. This is our single biggest cost in the ministry so we appreciate your support. Sponsorships are $45/mo which covers the cost of tuition, supplies, and food.

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Kerith's Children's Home

Kerith's Children's Home Sponsorship Program

This is run in conjunction with the Kerith Children’s Home, an orphanage located in Osupa Village, just outside of Pallisa, Uganda (Eastern Region). It is run by Mercy Mwesigwa and her husband Pastor Samuel Mwesigwa, the founders of Kerith Ministries.

War and disease from the 80’s and 90’s in Northern Uganda made for displaced peoples further south in the region where Kerith Children’s Home exists. It also left many fatherless children. The current average age in Uganda is just 15 years old, so the importance of seeing these young ones mature into two-parent homes can’t be stressed enough.

Kerith Children’s Home provides an environment where not only are orphaned and abandoned children given nutritious meals, clothing, and a proper education, but they are reared in an environment that cares about their spiritual development as well. Without a Christocentric worldview, the chances of births-out-of-wedlock, disease, and divorce increase dramatically for these children. Man Up and Go is proud to support Kerith’s Children’s Home by making a Kingdom investment in the lives of these children.

To inquire further about one of the children, please click on one of the boxes below and email us the name of the child you are interested in sponsoring. Someone from our team will then contact you with the full profile of the child who interests you, as well as details for setting up your automatic donation with us. Sponsorships are $45/mo and cover the cost to stay in the children’s home as well as the tuition fees for school.

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