Empower single mothers

Vocational training

Another important component of our theory of change is that we empower single mothers and widows. Although our mission is to spark a passion in our men to fight for the fatherless, this desire comes directly from our understanding of James 1:27. The clear mandate of Scripture is that men are to protect and provide for their families (Ephesians 5:25, 1 Timothy 5:8, 1 Peter 3:7), but beyond that, they are also to provide for “widows in their distress,” as this is what God deems “pure religion.” Preventing future fatherless children includes caring for vulnerable women today.

the problem

Although women in the U.S. who are widowed or left by their husbands as single mothers have the deck stacked against them, women in the developing world are almost certainly destined to a life of abject material poverty. Without intervention by the Church, these women are often left to beg or sell their bodies to provide for their children. This is wrong, and everybody knows it.

the solution

If we truly want other men to see how valuable women are, then we must show them by our example. One way we do this is by empowering the single mothers and widows in the communities where we serve with vocational training. By teaching them a skill that generates income – from tailoring to making jewelry to hairdressing – they are, in some cases, able to increase their income by as much as 700%!

When a single mother earns money for her children’s needs, her self-worth increases, and her dependency on men who would otherwise misuse and abuse her decreases. Traditional answers to poverty for women (such as prostitution) are jettisoned, thus preventing more fatherless babies in the world.

You can help us empower

these women by visiting them on a trip, by purchasing their products on our Etsy store, or by becoming an Ambassador in our Fair-Trade Mission to sell the products these women produce. As an Ambassador, you will purchase a box of products from Man Up and Go that include various kinds of bags, bracelets, wallets, necklaces, and other products made by the women Man Up and Go supports. Man Up will have already purchased these items at a Fair-Trade price, so you can know the women have been paid a fair wage for their work. In your box, you will be given an inventory sheet and suggested resale price, as well as instructions on hosting a party or event where you can share these women’s incredible stories. Any monies raised are yours to keep! This win-win arrangement helps the women enrolled in vocational training programs, helps Man Up, and puts a little cash in your pocket. Contact us today if you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador for these women! As a host, we will set you up with a kit for your party, and you will earn a percentage of the sales you generate. Contact Us if you’re interested in becoming an advocate and host for these women!