• go on a trip
  • start or join a local chapter
  • sponsor a child
  • conduct an outreach
  • collect donations
  • Become a Fair-Trade Ambassador
  • donate services (legal, accounting, graphic design)
  • organize a house party to share ministry
  • introduce us to your church or business
  • raise funds or awareness
  • volunteer or coordinate an event

While monetary donations are obviously important, the heart and soul of any non-profit organization is its volunteers. For us, even the smallest gesture can go a long way. There are ways to serve our constituents, but there are also ways to serve us as an organization. Both are needed.

At Man Up and Go, our goal is to invest as much as we can on programming that will promote the hope found in Jesus.

Some of this programming is acute – that is to say, it responds to an existing problem. This would include feeding, clothing, or educating children whose fathers are not providing for them, extending medical care where none exists, or mentoring them in some capacity with a Christian worldview because they’ve been left to fend for themselves. It responds to a problem already prevalent.

Some of this programming is preventative – that is to say, it seeks to prevent the acute problems mentioned above from occuring. This would include supporting local pastors and community leaders who step in for abdicating men, implementing leadership and discipleship training for men who are young fathers or fathers-to-be, providing micro-loans to help men provide for their families, or securing apprenticeships or vocational training for women whose husbands are no longer in the picture. Mentoring children also falls in the preventative category.