The Florida Chapter operates in the Greater Tampa Bay area, where nearly 5000 kiddos entered the child welfare system in the last 12 months due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect. Man Up Tampa Bay has recently launched Man Up 100, an initiative aimed at promoting Authentic Masculinity in the Bay area by living out James 1:27 in tangible expressions of Christian charity and love. If we are truly to see Less Orphans, More Families in the world, then men must:

  1. Have peace with their Creator.
  2. Provide for and protect their families.
  3. Care for the orphan and widow in their midsts.
  4. Live “unstained” in the world. 

In short, Man Up 100 is a systemized, community approach that aims for men to model Authentic Masculinity. This initiative is part of a greater Every Church. One Family. strategy to mobilize and assist local churches to raise up families from within their congregations who will fight for the fatherless.

Man Up Tampa Bay is operated by Man Up and Go staff member Jeff Ford. Phone: 727.247.3525