The Florida Chapter operates in the Greater Tampa Bay area, where nearly 5000 kiddos entered the child welfare system in the last 12 months due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect. Man Up Tampa Bay operates an Every Church. One Family. initiative to mobilize and assist local churches to raise up at least one family from within their congregation to be a F.A.M. to a child in need (Foster parent, Adoptive parent, or Mentor).

To join the Every Church. One Family. initiative, visit the Every Church. One Family. webpage or Contact Us today.

Man Up Tampa Bay also operates a F.A.M. Night Out, which provides respite care at local churches for foster parents, adoptive families, and single mothers. If you’re a Foster or Adoptive parent or a single Mother looking for a “break” from parenthood, let us help! Contact Us for more info.

Man Up Tampa Bay is operated by Man Up and Go staff members Jeff Ford, Shane Scott, and Luke Sawyer.

Phone: 727.247.3525