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Man Up 100 Launches in Tampa & Springfield (MO)

If you’ve been following Man Up and Go for any amount of time, you know we want men to “man up” for children in the foster care system. We are pleased to announce that we have officially launched our Man Up 100 program in Tampa (FL) and Springfield (MO)!

On August 21, we had over 50 men come to the launch breakfast in Tampa, and currently have 44 men signed up for the initiative. Just this past week, we had 26 men come to the launch breakfast in Springfield (MO), and are praying for at least 20 of those men to commit.

Over time, we believe both of these groups will grow to 100!

So What Is Man Up 100?

Just this – we want to see 100 men in a given location at any given time fight for the fatherless! Specifically, we want to affirm Authentic Masculinity and demonstrate it by serving foster and adoptive children, foster and adoptive parents, and the agencies who provide oversight for their care. Not only that, but we’re asking men to give of their treasure so we can fund the initiative without relying on grants.

The below graphic gives examples of how the men will serve – each man must serve at least 5 times over a 10 month period – as well as how one man’s gift of $100/quarter (that’s just $33/mo) can be leveraged to raise $40,000 to help families over the course of one term!

The men will also be required to go through Man Up’s Authentic Masculinity curriculum over the course of the 10-month term. They’ll meet with one another quarterly to share what they’re learning, encourage one another with stories of impact, and recruit other men to the initiative.

We’ve already seen impact stories in our first month of operation in the Tampa area as men are serving foster families with work projects around the house. They’re also learning more about the need in Tampa by attending foster care orientations and recruiting events like the Wait No More event with Focus on the Family that Man Up is bringing to town.

If you’d like to learn more about our Man Up 100 initiative, please submit a form on our Contact Us page and we’ll be sure to reach out!