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Man Up 100 #ServeSaturday

Some of our men from the Man Up 100 Tampa Bay Cohort were out this past Saturday fulfilling their commitment to serve foster families in the area.

This particular foster family has been doing it for 3 years and have seen over 15 children come through their home. “Janie” (name changed for privacy) says,

This is a hard road but I love being an example for the children and co-parent when possible with the families who have temporarily lost their children.

Yes! Janie and her husband are living examples of the love of Christ to those who’ve seen life smack them around a little bit. They are all about seeing these children restored back to their mom and dad, and are wholly vested in people who are perfect strangers before coming into their homes. This is truly a James 1:27 family.

So what did our team do? It’s amazing what 6 guys can do when they get after it for a couple of hours.

Earth is getting into this family’s main water pipe going into the house, but they didn’t know where the access point was to be able to root out the problem. It was basically guessing.

So our Man Up 100 team members took turns digging for a couple of hours and were able to pinpoint the access point, saving Janie and her family hundreds of dollars. Now we’re going to pay for the plumber to come out and flush out the sludge.

Simple, small, but they were so thankful. They even prayed with our team afterwards, as we all recognize from whence our strength comes! Praise God for families like this who are willing to do the hard work of fostering, and we’re grateful for men in the Man Up 100 Tampa Bay Cohort who stepped up to serve these families.

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