why authentic masculinity?

the problem

On the surface, the problem that Man Up and Go is trying to solve is fairly simple to understand – we want every child to have a father. We hate the fact that over 700 million children in the world do not have a steady, consistent, loving father-figure in the home. The severity of the risks for children without a father has been well-documented.

the solution

As an organization, we are convinced that the Gospel of God in Jesus Christ is powerful enough to give every child a father. After all, He is a “father to the fatherless” (Psalm 68:5). We also affirm the doctrine of sin, that humans are “dead in trespasses and sins” (Ephesians 2:1) and thus cannot solve the problem without God’s direct intervention. By nature we act in accordance with the cultural Zeitgeist, family tradition, or personal conviction, all of which are inadequate and flawed. We recognize that only Jesus can save us from the penalty of sin, death, and all the madness that happens in between (see Romans 5).


If the problem (fatherlessness) and the solution (Jesus) are so clear – at least to those who call themselves Christians – then why are there 150 million orphans in the world? Why are there 24 million children in the U.S. who do not have a significant father-figure in the home? Why is the average age in Uganda just 15? And why do 11,000 kids age out of foster care each year in the United States with no family to call their own? As we have travelled around the globe and observe what happens in our back yard, we believe the root of the problem is this:

Men do not have a biblical understanding of who God intended them to be.

Without this understanding, men will continually aim for the wrong target or worse, not take aim at all. They will attempt to figure their way out of the problem or pretend the problem doesn’t exist. They’ll fight with human weapons or just not fight at all. This is why we’re calling men back to the bible. Back to God. Back to the way things should have been had Adam done his job in the garden of Eden. In short, we’re calling on men to “Man Up.”

triage vs.

Our triage approach is simple – to sponsor children in the developed and developing world who might not otherwise have access to tools that give the highest probability of breaking the cycle of generational fatherlessness. These include potable water, nutritious food, shelter, clothing, basic healthcare, and access to a quality Christian education. Each of these are accomplished through our Child Sponsorship Program.

Our preventative approach to Authentic Masculinity incorporates the long-term view, thus preventing the problem of fatherlessness in subsequent generations.

So how does
Authentic Masculinity work?

Our goal is to reach the man who thinks he has it together and the man who knows he doesn’t. Neither man is living out his masculinity the way God desires.

For most men in the developed nation, we want sound the alarm regarding the problem of fatherlessness, spark a passion in them for the cause, and grow the principles of Authentic Masculinity in their own lives.

For most men in the developing world, we also want to spark in them a passion for the fatherless, and invite them to join us in our Authentic Masculinity curriculum, a 3-phase discipleship process that aims to improve their spiritual and financial capacity in a covenant setting. Phase 2 and 3 incorporate a micro-financing component for men who qualify.