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#PRAY127 01.06.20

I want to thank you for signing up to be a Prayer Champion with Man Up and Go. You may have noticed from our social media channels and from other correspondences that we are releasing a new prayer request each week on Mondays at 1:27 PM. My goal is to give all of our Prayer Champions a little more info so you can know how to be praying more specifically.

Pictured in the featured image are the men who coordinate our Authentic Masculinity Program (AMP) in Uganda.

Left – Pastor Geofery from Bulangira, Eastern Uganda

Center – Pastor Roy from Jinja

Right – Eliazar, who coordinates the Pallisa Cohort in rural NE Uganda

You’ll learn more about these men in the coming year, but we are asking that you pray for these men specifically as a unit this week. Please pray that they would remain:

  • Faithful to the work God has given them to do with the men in their Cohorts;
  • Faithful to their wives and children, that they might demonstrate what Authentic Masculinity looks like in real time;
  • Faithful to the program requirements – that they are able to keep up with the monitoring and evaluating we require of them, which is sometimes difficult when technology doesn’t cooperate.

Each of these men are paid a good Uganda wage for their work by Man Up and Go. Their hearts beat strong for Jesus, for family, for AMP, and for Man Up. We believe that fatherlessness can be prevented by men who love and care for their families. This takes men who love Jesus and who are committed to becoming more like Him.

Thank you for praying on this first #PRAY127 week of 2020!


Jeff Ford CEO, Man Up and Go

Pictured here: When I was recently in Uganda, I met with our AMP Coordinators as well as the Jinja Cohort. Here Pastor Roy is introducing Eliazar to the rest of the group.

Pictured here: Men in the Jinja Cohort receiving a bible in their “heart” language, which for most of them is Luganda. For the men to receive this gift, they must fulfill all the requirements of Phase 1 in AMP, which runs for 12 weeks.