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#PRAY127 01.13.20

Thank you once again for taking a minute to pray as a prayer Champion in our #PRAY127 initiative. We are convinced as an organization that some things only happen by prayer (Mark 9:29), and we are lifting up a person, group of people, initiative, or aspect of our ministry at 1:27 PM each Monday in 2020 (in light of James 1:27).

This week we’re praying specifically for Pastor Andrew Wakabi and his wife Juliet, pictured below.

We have known Pastor Andrew and his wife Juliet since 2011 when Man Up took its first trip there. At that time he was pastoring in a church about a mile away from where his ministry – Home Again Ministries – took place.

He had started Home Again Ministries for the Karamajong, a displaced people group from the northern part of Uganda on the South Sudan border. This group was treated as outcasts by the locals, and were living as squatters on government land in a slum area called Masese III. When he and his wife found out about these people, he couldn’t turn a blind eye, and sensed the Lord telling him to give them a “home again.”

Thus, Home Again Ministries was born.

Pictured here: Pastor Andrew with some of the Karamajong women several years ago. Many of these women are now enrolled in a vocational training program to help them provide for their families when men abdicate responsibility.

Since he began Home Again Ministries back in 2008, so much has occurred. God has brought Man Up alongside Pastor Andrew and his wife, and we run a child sponsorship program for the school we helped them start – Bethel Junior School – in addition to a vocational training program for women.

Pictured here: You see here part of the first building we built in Uganda, which housed the first group of students at Bethel Junior School. This was in 2013. The school now has 6 grades plus the “baby classes” for the little ones, and has over 350 students.

We also run our Authentic Masculinity Program out of this location, which now has a growing church that Pastor Andrew planted in 2016. This is the first church actually located in the slum of Masese III (most of the churches stay on the “other side” of the tracks.

The long story short is that this man and his wife are doing the messy work very few are willing to do – going into an outcast society who speak a different dialect, who are very poor, who live in squalor, and who have very little hope. Most importantly, they need to know Jesus, and that is what Pastor Andrew and his wife are doing.

Pictured here: This picture of Pastor Andrew and his family is from 2015. From left, his three daughters – Shammah, Shalome, and Jireh.

You will learn more about this family and their ministry in the coming weeks, but for today, will you join us in praying for them in this way:

There are never enough resources to do the work of ministry. Please pray that Pastor Andrew and Juliet would continue to be good stewards of the money that Man Up sends so that they can have maximum impact.

Juliet’s job as an engineer pays the bills for the family, but she would like to leave that job and work full time with the ministry. Please pray that God would open doors towards this end.

Pray for the health and godly development of all three girls. Malaria is common and has hit the entire family at various times. Pray that God would grow these children into women who are game-changers for the Kingdom!

Thank you for praying for this weeks #PRAY127 requests – we greatly value your partnership!

Regards, Jeff Ford

CEO, Man Up and Go