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#PRAY127 01.20.20

Happy Monday! This is the third week in our #PRAY127 initiative for 2020 and we couldn’t be more thrilled that you are participating alongside us. We are praying at 1:27 each Monday for a specific prayer request, but as our prayer Champion, you get a sneak peak at the request and more detail than we share on social media.

We are convicted and believe your prayers will do more for us this year than any strategy or vision or plan. Yes, we believe God has given us a vision, and yes, we have a plan, but without the hand of God through your petitions and prayers, we are bound to fall short of all that God has for us.

This week we’re praying specifically for our partners in the Dominican Republic – Pastor Kendar Robles and his wife Hozanna.

We met Pastor Kendar back in 2016 when we took our first Man Up mission trip to the Dominican Republic (DR). Pastor Kendar and his wife have been doing ministry in some of the toughest contexts in the DR for the past 20 years. An educated Baptist pastor who is theologically sound is very hard to find there. Moreover, Pastor Kendar has been serving the poor, the vulnerable, the orphan, and the widow – even harder to find!

They conduct their work in the “basurero,” or trash drump, in an area called Los Tres Brazos, in the heart of Santo Domingo.

Pictured here: A shot from the “basurero.”

Many of the people living here came from rural areas looking for work and settled on this trash dump. The make their living by collecting trash, bringing it back to their neighborhood, and looking for recyclables or other items to sell. The trash is placed on top of the marshy waters of the Rio Ozama River, which literally creates “real estate” protruding into the river.

Pictured here: Another shot of the basurero. You can see the carts that are used to go around town and collect trash, using horses as the mode of transportation.

After 18 months of relationship-building with Kendar and Hozanna, we helped implement
a child sponsorship program. At the time, no children were sponsored and Pastor Kendar and Hozanna were educating and feeding about 30-40 kids through the generosity of just one American champion. The name of their ministry is Centro Cristiano de Capacitaci√≥n y Ayuda Infantil (Christian Center of Children’s Help and Formation), but somehow we just call it CECCAI.

In the last 18 months, we have enrolled roughly 15 children to the program who are sponsored each month by Man Up champions in the U.S. This extra money has enabled Pastor Kendar and Hozanna to expand their reach to over 100 children, 15 of whom are non-literate adolescents.

Pictured here: Children from CECCAI, who range from 3-7, eat lunch.

As you could imagine, tripling the number of children you’re feeding and educating every day would put a serious strain on your ministry. But we know this is no challenge for our great God, and that’s why we’re asking you to pray this week in the following ways:

  • That Pastor Kendar would be resolute in his preaching, his theology, and his conviction that Jesus is the hope the people living in Los Tres Brazos need.
  • That Hozanna would receive wisdom and knowledge in how to administrate the needs of the school, which have tripled over the last year.
  • Our child sponsorship coordinator, Abbie, is transitioning out and her replacement will not be up to speed until later this year. Please pray for a smooth transition and clear communication.
  • That our child sponsorship liaison in the DR, Rose Mary, would continue to be responsive to our requests.
  • That God would raise up more Champions in the U.S. to sponsor children and thus help ease the tremendous burden being placed on Pastor Kendar and his wife during this time of trusting God for provision.

Of course there is more, but we are so grateful for your prayers in the above. We’re praying for big things even this week in the lives of Pastor Kendar and Hozanna Robles and in the lives of those they serve. Thank you for praying!

Jeff Ford, CEO
Isaiah 1:17

P.S. Please enjoy some of the pics below of Kendar, Hozanna, Rose Mary, and the children they serve.