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#PRAY127 02.10.20

This week we’re asking you to pray for something that I personally pray for often: wisdom. We are presented with multiple opportunities to do ministry every single month – sometimes every week – and they are usually very good. A pastor might contact us from a country to where we’ve never been, or another leader will contact us because he heard about us in the countries where we currently serve.

These pastors and leaders typically request assistance in their ministries, particularly around biblical discipleship materials and financial aid. Usually these requests are given by men who are serving the Lord with very little resources and in tough contexts. They are usually legitimate requests, even good requests.​

Other times we’re presented with needs from our partners that fall outside of the normal scope of work we do. Man Up has an E3 strategy of Engaging the fatherless with child sponsorship, Empowering single mothers and widows with vocational training, and Equipping men to lead through Authentic Masculinity. We raise and send money for those initiatives and believe God wants our focus there.

So what happens when our partners ask for money to upgrade an electrical grid? Or do an outreach to the community? Or fund a new building project? These are all good things and important enough for our partners to ask. Many times we do find it necessary to fund these; but not always. We have to make focused choices about where to place those funds.

Currently we fund three main areas overseas:

  • Educating and feeding at-risk children enrolled in our schools/children’s homes;
  • Purchasing necklaces, bags, and other wares from the women in our vocational training programs;
  • Funding our Authentic Masculinity Program, which includes microloans for the men enrolled.

As you can imagine, there is always a shortage of funding inasmuch as more funding means more enrollees; more enrollees means more impact.

With this in mind, will you please join us in praying for wisdom for the following:

  • That our partners in Uganda, Ethiopia, and the Dominican Republic would discern from the Holy Spirit the most needed ministry requests versus that which is simply a “want to” activity.
  • That Man Up leadership would discern the proper things to fund.
  • That Man Up leadership would discern the proper places to minister.
  • That our desire for wisdom is undergirded with supernatural belief in the God who gives “generously without finding fault” (James 1:5).

Thank you again for praying and may the Lord bless you and keep you.

Regards, Jeff Ford, CEO Isaiah 1:17

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