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#PRAY127 02.17.20

Thank you for taking a few minutes today to pray for the Man Up and Go ministry. Today’s #PRAY127 request is a very personal one; so personal that I am not allowed to share all of the details.

In the course of taking teams to Africa and the Dominican Republic over the last 8 years, many team members become Champions of Man Up, Champions of a particular ministry or location, or Champions of the fatherless in their respective towns once they come home. Some go as far as to become Champions of the children in countries where we serve, and they choose to adopt.

Currently we have such a couple. I cannot share the country or the details, but they have reached out to us for prayer. I can tell you it has been a very difficult road, a road of trials, uncertainties, and disappointments. In fact, when I think about their road, I am reminded of the father in Mark 9 who cried out to Jesus with tears, “I believe…help my unbelief.” Much of life doesn’t make sense in the moment, in the pain, in the unknown – this is our unbelief. Yet somewhere in our spirits God has given us just enough belief to persevere through the unbelief.

So today, although you don’t know the specifics, will you please pray for this couple to have belief? Pray that they literally feel the peace and presence of God in their lives, and that they would pray the prayer of the Psalmist, “Make me understand your ways.”

Thank you for taking time to pray for this very intimate request today. May the Lord bless you this week.


Jeff Ford, CEO

Isaiah 1:17 P.S.

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