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#PRAY127 03.02.20

Welcome to March! Thank you for praying with us these last couple of months. We are so grateful for your commitment to pray!

Today we are praying for our upcoming trip to Uganda which departs this Friday, March 6. Man Up is partnering with the Wheaton College (IL) Football Team to bring 25 young men to serve alongside us in Uganda. I played football at Wheaton some 20 years ago now – hard to believe it! But we are excited to once again partner with Wheaton and thus today’s #PRAY127 request.

(Above is last year’s team as we met in Ankara, Turkey, during their layover.)

For the last two years Man Up has facilitated trips for Wheaton College’s football team. A little history. Wheaton started the Wheaton Football Ministry Partners (WFMP) program my senior year in college. The goal was to find a way to introduce these young men to global missions.

Coach Peltz runs the WFMP outreach. The goal is to find former Wheaton players throughout the globe who Wheaton Football can partner with. This not only gives the men the opportunity to see what God is doing in the world, but it gives them a common thread with the partner on the ground.

Unfortunately I wasn’t nearly mature enough when Coach Peltz started this my senior year in college. I went with buddies to ski in Jackson Hole. Thankfully God is patient with each of us, and eventually He got me to come around! Still, I would love to have been on the first inaugural trip.

Since then, WFMP has sent literally hundreds of young men on mission trips all around the world where former Wheaton Football players are doing ministry. This is our third year, and what I’ve been blown away with is the amount of young men who have sponsored kids in our schools/children’s homes! Over 10 players have sponsored children at $45/mo the last couple of years. Incredible! If these guys can do it, who are making pennies each month, can’t we all?

Here is our itinerary so you can be praying:

  • Sat, March 7 – Team departs Chicago (I will depart on the 6th from Tampa). Sun, March 8 – In Jinja with Pastor Andrew, his wife Juliet, our Jinja Authentic Masculinity Program (AMP, and the women of Masese III.
  • Monday, March 9 – In Jinja with children from Bethel Junior School for a “Field Day!” Tuesday, March 10 – Depart for the village of Bulangira to meet with the AMP Cohort there and play an epic soccer match with the locals (last year it was on the radio and the mayor and whole city came out!).
  • Wed, March 11 – One team will go to Pallisa with our partners Pastor Sam and his wife Mercy and help build a teenager’s wing for our Kerith Children’s Home; Another team will travel to Kibuku to put a floor on the church of our third ministry parter, Pastor George and his wife Sylvia.
  • Thurs, March 12 – Continue projects in Pallisa and Kibuku.
  • Friday, March 13 – Spend time with men in AMP in Pallisa, then head back to Jinja in the afternoon where we will spend time helping Pastor Andrew at the school.
  • Saturday, March 14 – Super Saturday Feeding Program in Masese III, then purchase wares from women in our vocational training programs.
  • Sun, March 15 – Wheaton team heads to airport for flight. Mon, March 16 – Wheaton team lands in Chicago.

Additionally, I will be heading to Ethiopia on Saturday the 14th for about 36 hours to launch our Authentic Masculinity Program there! We are very excited about this and I can’t wait to share more when I return. This is literally years in the making, after having been traveling there since 2011.

As you pray for the team, will you please also pray that we would avoid the dreaded coronavirus? While much of this is overblown, I fear, we want to take every precaution and be smart. Pray God’s protection and blessing over us as we travel.

Thank you again for your #PRAY127 faithfulness. We are grateful!


Jeff Ford, CEO Isaiah 1:17

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