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#PRAY127 03.09.20

Thank you again so much for committing to pray for us each Monday. It is a blessing beyond measure, one of which we are sincerely grateful.

Currently Man Up is hosting a Wheaton Football Ministry Partners (WFMP) trip to Uganda. The makeup is certainly interesting, considering that so many young men have chosen to leave the comforts of the United States, leave a week of leisure (and many times sin), to in fact give of themselves by going. In so many ways, this is all about how Man Up and Go even started in the first place – the willingness to GO into the world (Matthew 28:19).

There are 25 of us in total: 12 Wheaton football players, 1 post-graduate player, 1 coach, the dean of students, his 12-yer old son, 6 players from Morningside College, 2 Morningside Coaches, and 1 Man Up employee.  It’s been an interesting dynamic to have two different teams on mission, but it will be a good one when the week is over, no doubt.

The last 72 hours have been a whirlwind. The schedule has been brutal. There’s a 9 hour time difference from the CST zone, and yesterday the men’s flight landed around 4 AM local time. It wasn’t until 8:30 that they got to the guest house, showered, ate, and then headed to the church for worship with no rest. By the time they got back to the guest house, they had about two hours of downtime before heading back to the church to visit with the men in Man Up’s Jinja Authentic Masculinity Program  (AMP) Cohort.

The reports and testimonies from the men in the Cohort were so very encouraging. You must know that AMP is making such an incredible difference in the lives of these men. We even had one bring his wife to share. The man had said he’d been acting “primitive,” making his wife do everything around the house and basically treating her like a servant. AMP has taught him to value her, to help, to “die” to himself – a foreign concept for most African men. These testimonies were beautiful, and what smile God must have had on his face as He listened.

Likewise, the men on the trip were so encouraged. But even as they were encouraged, the body was so weak. Most of them were fighting back sleep, and the head-nodding was quite hysterical. Even Pastor Roy, Jinja AMP Coordinator, saw what was happening and cut it short for us.

Each night there is a time to share among the men. It’s a debrief of the day, yes, but also a time for the men to be vulnerable and give their personal testimonies.

We sent the itinerary last week so please check last week’s email for that. This week, as you pray for the young men, there are a couple of specific requests:

  1. There are a couple of men from Morningside whose faith is either in question or not there altogether. Please pray this would be a trip where Jesus would grab their hearts for Him.
  2. Please pray that the men would value people over tasks. Our American mindset is tough to shake – DO DO DO! Here it needs to be, BE BE BE. Be with the people. Value them. Ask them questions. Hear their stories. This is what God made us for – relationship.
  3. Pray for energy. It’s taxing work just getting over the jetlag, and each day will present opportunities for a lazy mind. Pray that the men are vigilant, steadfast in their thinking, and courageous in their ability to love the people of Uganda (and each other) well.

Thank you for taking time to pray for this trip and these men. Our partners are so encouraged when Man Up visits, and already there are signs of major growth taking place.

Thank you again for your #PRAY127 faithfulness. We are grateful!

Jeff Ford, CEO
Isaiah 1:17

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