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#PRAY127 04.13.20

If you celebrated Easter yesterday by watching church online, you know it was a different experience than it ever has been. One of the constants for me, however, was to read through Isaiah 53, which I do every Easter morning. When I was a new believer, I had a spiritual mentor who had me read through the book of Isaiah, and I remember thinking, “This is all jibberish.” 

Today, however, it’s my favorite Old Testament book, because it’s actually all about Jesus, not the least of which is chapter 53. In thinking about Jesus’ one-time sacrifice for sins on the cross, it led me to Romans 5. While I was looking for other verses that spoke about how much better Jesus was than Adam, I couldn’t help but pause on verses 3-5: 

Given the current environment, there are tribulations we’re facing. No, we’re not being thrown into a den of lions or burned at the stake, but there are serious inconveniences, many of which the world has never seen. 

As Man Up has been delivering food to foster families the last couple of weeks, there is a particular segment that has been on my heart: single mothers. Some of these are actual foster parents, single women who have taken on the hard and difficult work of James 1:27 without a helpmate. Others are caregivers, be it relative or non-relative, who are stepping in and plugging a need because of their relationship to the child who’s been removed from his or her home

In either case, I have been amazed to see these women endure the current “tribulations.” As mentioned previously, the prayer request I’ve received most is for sanity. But there is also this underlying need I’m seeing for that which Romans 5 says can come from tribulations – character and hope. 

Many of the single moms I’ve spoken with need resources.

  • For one mom it was respite care.
  • For another it was better communication with her caseworker.
  • For another it was getting her foster child approved for a certain therapy.
  • For several it was help with juggling school work and “work, work.”

One single foster mother I spoke with, a nurse, is out on FMLA to try and help her two very busy (aka, needy) foster children. 

As I’ve spoken with them, I’ve told them we will pray. And that’s where I need you. As you join us in our #PRAY127 request this Monday, please be praying for these single foster moms and caregivers: 

  • That they might turn to the Lord in their tribulation. 
  • That they might see character formed in them through patient endurance. 

That they might grasp the hope needed to see them through the current reality and beyond. 

I’m sure you are facing your own tribulation right now in some capacity, so I’m praying for you as well. Thank you for praying for our single foster moms today.  

Jeff Ford, CEO
Isaiah 1:17

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