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#PRAY127 07.06.20

Thank you once again for standing with us in prayer this Monday. This morning I was messaging our AMP Coordinator in Ethiopia, Sami.

Not that I would receive a reply, as Ethiopia has shut down the Internet across the country. (This is typical whenever there is any kind of unrest.) I messaged him primarily because I wanted him to know that there were those of us in the United States who were praying for him, the men in the program, and the country of Ethiopia at large. Hopefully he’ll be able to receive the message soon!

So what should you be praying for specifically? Why is the country shut down?

In short, just like we have racial tensions in the U.S., there are tribal tensions in Ethiopia. For decades, the Oromo people have claimed oppression from stronger political forces within the Ethiopia government. One of the Oromiyan political activists, a well-known singer who sang about the oppression in his songs, was murdered while driving in his car last week in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

Since then, over 80 people have died in protests and the government has shut down communications in the entire country. This is a common tactic to squash potential rebellions or mobilization among its citizens.

For Sami and our men meeting in the Authentic Masculinity Program, it means another hurdle to cross as they’ve been dealing with COVID-19 and the uncertainties of meeting in a place where folks do not have as much access to testing.

As you can see from last week’s meeting, the men were meeting in small groups, wearing masks provided by our Fair Trade partner, Carry 117, and were practicing social distancing. The had just completed “Man as Worker” and “Man as Husband” in the curriculum, learning how to be God’s men in those areas.

Will you please pray specifically for Sami, the men, and the entire nation of Ethiopia this morning? Please pray God’s peace upon the people and wisdom for its leadership. I am amazed at how hopeless the world seems right now if it were not for my faith and trust in Jesus Christ, the solid rock on which I stand.

Jeff Ford, CEO
Isaiah 1:17

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