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#PRAY127 07.13.20

I hope this email finds you well. As the cases for COVID-19 increase around the country, and in some places dramatically (like where we’re based in the Tampa Bay, FL area), it seems we are all grasping about trying to find our way in this “new normal” of masks, social distancing, and quarantining.

With all of the navigating, the reality remains that the children removed from their homes due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect are doing a navigating of a different kind, as they learn what their “new normal” is away from their biological mom and/or dad.

Later today our team will be handing out over 800 meals to foster families in the Tampa Bay area. In partnership with the Grace Family Church (Lutz, FL), World Vision, and the USDA, we have secured boxes of fresh perishables that will help keep these kiddos fed.

For the next 8 Mondays, we’ll be handing out these boxes of fresh food to families all over the Bay area (seriously, if you saw the map of we’re they’re coming from, it literally covers hundreds of square miles!).

Will you please take a minute to look over the below list and pick out a name or two and for your #PRAY127 commitment today, just say a quick prayer? Prayer for them, pray for their biological children, pray for their foster children…pray that God gives them strength and wisdom to endure tenuous times.

Karen Sarah Alvin Karen Waleska Cindy Andr√© Nichole Mandee Dominique Sue  Michelle  EILEEN  Jenny  Clare  Pamela Wendy  Meagan  Sharon   Ginger   Jessica Marie Lynn Sorymal Adrianne Laura Missy  Heather  Mishel  Jessica  Myra  Traci  Cassie Christine Shannon Karen Emily Amy  Kelly  Jolene  Diana  Teaira  Cheryl  Denise Alicia Jenn Lori Serena Roberta Melodie  Tawana  Tricia  Katya  CherylI  Neabelle April JoAnn Sarah Crystal Beatrice Hali Hannah Amber  Yvonne  Alyssa  Wilma  Amy  Jennifer  Kara  Paula  Regina  Amanda  Jacqueline   Eleanor   Chelsey Kyle  Shari  Lee  Anne  Jessica   Jessica   Tantanisha   Tabitha   Tammy  Rebecca Grace Lori Melissa Brittany Lindsey  Karyn  Rosemary  Maggie  Lola  Coryn Denasyquita Whitney Katie Monica Nicole Larmie Cherie Shernette  Kelly  Marcy  Renee Nacole Jennifer Kimberly  Adrian  Pamela  Deborah  Ammiejane  Martha Veronica Brittany Vanessa Jamie Krisi

As always, we covet your prayers, we know God hears them, and we believe in their power. May the Lord bless you mightily today as you seek His face!

Jeff Ford, CEO
Isaiah 1:17

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