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#PRAY127 08.03.20

For an unbeliever, it has to appear as though this world is spinning out of control right now. Even for believers in Jesus, it’s hard to look at the circumstances and not feel the weight of their implications. We know the truth, we believe the truth, and yet many of us find ourselves saying, “Lord I believe; help my unbelief!”

For those in leadership, the last four months have been almost impossible to navigate (at least not without second-guessing every decision!). For Man Up, here are some of the challenges we’ve been navigating:

  • Our trips have been cancelled through the end of 2020.
  • Our Man Up 100 gatherings have had to move to Zoom.
  • Our focus has pivoted domestic because the need has been so great.
  • We have lost a coordinator in Uganda who had to move because of the pandemic.
  • Our AMP guys have been stalled in both Ethiopia and Uganda (meetings were cancelled and now they are in small groups.)
  • Meeting with current Champions and potential donors has been prohibitive.

As a leader, some days I take these changes in stride. But there are other days where it feels lonely and isolating. It’s in these days I must rely on His strength all the more.

I was reminded this morning in my quiet time of these great words from the Lord:

Today’s #PRAY127 request is a selfish one – will you pray that I would call on the Lord in a way that honors Him? Would you pray that God would show me great and mighty things this morning? It’s easy for leaders to project as though we have it altogether, but in humility, may I subscribe to you we do not. And since all of us lead in some capacity, surely you can relate.

Many people are affected by the decisions we make as an organization. We want them to be the right ones. Collectively, we need Jesus now more than ever. We need His presence, His grace, and His wisdom. Thank you for praying.

Jeff Ford, CEO
Isaiah 1:17

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