Man Up 100 Initiative Set to Launch

For a long time, Man Up has desired to have a way to engage men in the fight for the fatherless in a domestic setting. We’re excited to announce that the Man Up 100 initiative is officially in its pre-launch phase!

Currently we’re opening in two of our strongest markets – Tampa (FL) and Springfield (MO) – in August, 2020. This past Saturday, we had 12 leaders in the Springfield market indicate they want to Man Up for the fatherless in their community.

Back in May, we had over 20 at our leaders’ breakfast in the Tampa area who said they were “in” to Man Up for the nearly 5000 kiddos in the Bay area who’ve been removed in the last 12 months due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect.

What is the Man Up 100 initiative? It’s essentially¬†100 men who will commit to fight for the fatherless for one year. Over this year the men will learn about the problem of fatherlessness, share it with others, commit it to prayer, give financially to solve it, and physically serve to make a difference.

You can read more about the Man Up 100 initiative HERE and check out our EVENTS page for more details about the August Breakfast launches.

Want to attend the breakfast or are interested in starting Man Up 100 in your area? Let us know on our Contact Us page.