SJMS Mexico March 2019 Mission Trip

The Opportunity:

A group of Man Up volunteers from one of our Midwest chapters will be leading a trip to the Mountains of Vera Cruze, Mexico. The mission will be to equip and encourage the full time missionaries with “Last Frontier” ministries.  The team will travel to economically impoverished areas in the Mountains of Vera Cruz. Past projects have included construction of a widows home, installing a septic tank, and building a soccer field.  The established work project has not been finalized at this point.  A needs assessment is being done at this time.

The Experience:

The team will have the honor of living with locals during their time in Mexico.  As a result they will have the privilege of being completely immersed in their culture. While this community is economically impoverished they are spiritually rich.  Living conditions for the week would be best described as primitive.  However, everyone is well fed with authentic Mexican food and cared for.  The team is aware of the sensitive stomachs of Americans and extra precautions with food preparation are addressed.  Team members will have the opportunity to partner with Ed Auile in the community project to bless the community. The team will also have the privilege of participating in multiple daily devotions during the course of the trip as well.

The Organization:

Last Frontier ministries – – is a Christian mission with a 20 plus year ministry in Mexico.  Ed and Densie Aulie have been faithfully serving this community for the entirety of this ministry.  While Ed is an “American” he is a second generation missionary who has been born and raised in Mexico.  Through the years Ed has won the respect of both the community and the government.

Man Up:

The host organization is Man Up & Go.  This 501C3 organization is built around James 1:27 in the call of visiting Orphans and Widows in their distress. All information on immunizations, travel insurance, cost of the trip etc., will be given once you have signed up for the trip.  Apply for the trip by going HERE and following the instructions, then choosing the SJMS Mexico March 2019 trip from the drop down menu.

For a full Itinerary, please refer to your trip leader or contact us for more info.