Babies Holding Babies

The following was written by a 19-year old student-athlete named Tyler, who accompanied us on our May-June trip. These are his words regarding the impact of a Man Up Missions Trip. 

I am currently on the last leg of our flight home and with 3 hours of free time to spare I can’t think of a better time to share some takeaways from my very first Man Up trip to Uganda.

1) “Babies holding babies.”

  • Mark and I coined this phrase after spending our first work day with Return Ministries in Kampala. It was amazing to witness how the children who probably did not get enough attention and love at home, really stuck together and cared for each other. It is not uncommon to see a toddler holding an infant and making sure they get fed and cared for. I first thought about this when my sweet friend Mirembe, age 10, refused to leave my sight all day except to care for her brother Jonah who was probably a little less than a year old. Although Mirembe was 10 years old, throughout the week I saw several instances of toddlers doing the same for their infant brothers and sisters. I’m unsure if it is just an instinct, but I really doubt you find many “babies holding babies” in America.

2) Brohaun (spelling?) from Palissa was an incredible man.

  • I wish I could have seen Brohaun and our “A-Team” (Mark, Chris, and Peter) in action. But our “A-Team” raved about his charisma and power in speaking to high school boys and bringing them to Christ. Brohaun is extremely disciplined and has a bright future. He goes to sleep at midnight and wakes up at 3 in the morning to study the bible. If only there were more of that kind of human in this world.

3) Divine Appointments

  • The team was warned that we need a prescription of “flex pills” as any plans that we had usually fell through and we ended up doing something entirely else. I was blessed to join the “A-Team” for the last two days in Jinja. I felt more comfortable speaking to peers rather than men over twenty years older than me about Christ and this ended up being my favorite part of the trip (even if I did get laughed at every time I announced I was 19 years old). We made four unplanned trips to schools throughout Uganda to preach to the next generation of men, bringing around 250 youth to declare Christ in their hearts. God did such incredible things with the timing of it all. About 200 of the 250 young men that we reached were entirely unplanned but with the curve balls we had thrown our way, it turned out to be a HUGE blessing.