Man Up for Children in Africa

The following was written by Stephen, a father of two adopted children from Ethiopia and a Man Up and Go board member.  Stephen lives in Bryan, Texas, with his wife Wynne and their two children. 

When I decided to Man Up 2 years ago and go on a mission international I was gloriously ruined for the gospel.  After learning about orphans and children in Africa I was tore up inside.  I wanted to take action in response to the emotion that the Holy Spirit stirred up inside me.  Most orphans in Africa have lost their parents due to poverty, disease, and war or a combo of all three.  You will never look at a child the same after you look into the eyes of a child who has no parents.  It is heart wrenching.  They cling to you and you can feel their desperation to be loved and cared for.  Human touch is powerful and speaking a word of love or encouragement is even more so.  This is what I learned while on mission in Africa, how to truly love.